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Ah yes, I always enjoy Legend of Zelda submissions. This one is no different.

In our wonderful lifeless states of minds, we are brought...


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Ah yes, I always enjoy Legend of Zelda submissions. This one is no different.

In our wonderful lifeless states of minds, we are brought the malevolent and COMPLETELY FISHLY Zora's Domain. The accuracy in portrayal is actually quite high. Having played the game this hailed from before, I maneuvered around the map with high familiarity and nostalgia. The area is highly aquatic, yet the music is what truly sets the mood. A feeling of peace and quiet. I love that feeling, especially after an entire battlefield of young lads has been completely wiped out and their bones are being gnawed on by the ravens. Quite a satisfying feeling.

The map has gun placements everywhere to make it a versatile battlefield. That's always a plus. My only concern was the repetitive textures in many areas. The worst case was perhaps the Jabbu Jabbu site. The walls were very repetitive and unappealing. It was too obvious. There were also certain areas where the map had holes in it. However, they were in areas people normally don't hang around, so I won't count that too much against you. For the author's sake, the areas were in the Zora's Fountain above the exit from the throne room, and a waterfall along the river.

Otherwise, this was a decent map. The author has generally decided to include a Zora start up theme. However, the way it was packaged will not register it as a success. However, if you have enough knowledge to make it work, this could give you something to do.

Offer your bandwidth to the Fishy Zora Men =_O!

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'zoras_domain.zip' (10.15MB)

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 ~ Zora's Domain ~

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Finished: Nov. 6th 2006

How to Install
Put  ZorasDomain.pk3  file in your Gamedata\Base folder.
(if anyone has the unfinished versions please delete them first)

I always have been a fan of Zora's Domain from the n64 game Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  The whole game itself was very fun but this was my favorite part of it.  In this recreation I made of it I included not only Zora's Domain, but Zora's Fountain, and Zora's River.  I included some of the secrets like fairy fountains and that cave.  Not everything though is related to Zoras.  The secrets around this area I could not make because I would be creating the whole world eventually.  I made these secrets go to special places instead.  I had to abbreviate some things like the ice cave because it’s far too big.  I changed the shop a bit as well as added other things.  I tried my best and hope everyone likes it.

Map Tips
Just to make sure people figure out some things (noobs these days... pssh).

 - If you spawn outside in the rivers, if you go jump into the big waterfall where triforce is you will enter Zora's Domain.  Up at peak you can head behind the gate and enter Zora’s Fountain.  There is 3 parts to this map.

 - The two holes in Zora's River are not death traps.

 - Most of the waterfalls can be climbed if needed.

 - In the shop, the holes behind the counter (3) each do something.

 - One somewhat tricky secret. (Not the easy one)

Questions? Comments?  I would be happy to hear them.


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