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Some of you may have seen these skins, before some of you may have not. It doesn't really matter though, because there are some new ones in...


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Some of you may have seen these skins, before some of you may have not. It doesn't really matter though, because there are some new ones included in this pack which I dont think (correct me if I'm wrong) have been released before. The reborn skin review by me is here:

I kinda like this skin, even though usually I hate things devoid of colour. So yeah - The standard skin is black and white (The team versions are of appropriate colours to the team) allover, but the good thing is that there doesn't seem to be too heavy on either one of the colours. Often with 2 colour skins one colour drowns out the other, but not here. I believe its skinned off the (*sigh) new-reborn model which i don't like at all - This skins could've been loads better on a different model. Nevertheless, its still a good skin. There's a general white stripe running down the front with some cool japanese lettering sprawled across it, and then two black patches to either side of the white. Around the back theres the same stripe but it looks like maybe its a metal strap now, because its got some very detailed design on it which looks very good. It kind of looks like the armour from Dragonball Z (except in black and white), but i may be wrong. The legs are skinned in black fabric with some patterns down each side, similar to an adidas stripe on some tracksuit bottoms. He's wearing some wristcuffs which again looks very futuristic and cool, and hit hood is black with the similar white patterns on it. Overall this skin impresses, and looks really well made. I won't be using it because its a reborn skin and I hate those mostly - but I'm sure there are lots of you who dont'! Oh yeah, one more thing. There IS Bot Support and new sounds. I'm pretty sure the sounds are darth-vader based, especially the taunt, so i think i might've heard them before, but any skin with new sounds is better than one without!

and here's a review of the White Reborn...

Well...Another reborn skin...here we go....

What can I say...I am tired of reborn skins. This is no exception to the ones I am used to doing. This bland white reborn skin with chinese or japanese writing on it and the -[ZoU]- name across the back are the main points to this skin. This white skin has some black boots, gloves, and line going up the torso. The arms lack color in one place so it's see through there.

There is no bot support, team support, or new sounds...so this is just white and black slapped on a reborn model. I however can not say the parts they actually did change from a reborn look bad. They are alright and I think this author could do much more than this...

As you can tell by the difference in the reviews these skins are definitly something you either go for or you dont. Personally i love the sleek style of all the skins, each one looks decidedly cool wearing these black and white outfits, and like I said before, they never seem to one-sided. These are some of my more favoured skins for quite a while, except the Raiden model, and with the exception of the reborn skins these are well worth a download :) Unfortunately there are no new sounds in this pack - You'll have to download the seperate files to get them included, which is a shame, and added to the lack of team and bot support this becomes a bit of a downer, but never mind, I harly notice the sounds anyway lol :D

New Sounds: No Team Support: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download 'zouskinpack1.zip' (9.74MB)


Title: -[ZoU]- Templar Skin Pack

Version: 1.2

Release Date: Unknown

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS

Pk3 Size: 8.40 MB

Clan URL: www.zouclan.com

Developer : -[ZoU]-SunFire

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Like all mods, models, skins, maps...
put the pk3 in your GameData\Base Directory
Comments: I hope you like these Zone of Ultima Clan skinz. Over the
past few months, i have been making black and white skins, I call this
my TemplaSkin Pack. 




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