-[ZoU]- Zone of Ultima Fortress

El Cuko brings us a clan map called -- Zone of Ultima Fortress. Now, normally I do not want to review to clan maps, and I think most of...


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El Cuko brings us a clan map called -[ZoU]- Zone of Ultima Fortress. Now, normally I do not want to review to clan maps, and I think most of us know why a lot of people tend to not like clan maps. But! We all know there are exceptions to that generalization and in my opinion this is one of them.

This map is cool! There are so many things to explore and the rooms have their own cool sounds and what not. I particularly liked the underground portion of this map, the sounds and fog and such fit so well in that part.

There were however some FPS problems in some areas but this was quickly forgotten about while I was running around looking for the secrets and such. This map has a cool "music room" where you can change the music over the entire map. There was a problem with one of the choices for the music, I guess the song was renamed of not packed in the .pk3 or something because it said it couldn't find the file. Still quite a good map though!

In the readme it says there's a spawnable NPC that you can fight by pressing use on a clan logo somewhere, I didn't get the chance to try to fight him so I can't tell you how to beat him =).

All in all quite a cool map! It has tons of new shaders and textures and nifty doodads that you can play with. I hope to see more than clan maps from you El Cuko. Good WOrk!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA, CTF, TFFA


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Download 'zoufortress.zip' (24.7MB)

Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Modification

-[ZoU]- Zone of Ultima Fortress

Author : El Cuko
Email  : [email protected]
Release Date: 4.14.04

Map Type: FFA, CTF, TFFA, 
New Music: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Brush Count: 2430
Build Time: dunno

Apologies for file size - worked hard to make it worth the download.
Pop the .pk3 into base and your set.
There is a spawnable NPC that should be fun for you to fight,
but you will need to download the zou_ctfreborn skin for that feature.
simply hit "use" at the sign on the roof of building to spawn him.

The map works fairly well with JK2, but a Jk2 version will be released 

Several secret areas in the map - some easy to find, others you 
probably won't find for a while.

The pictures in the middle hallway act as a tracking device.  Each photo represents a section of the
map.  When a particular section is occupied, white lights will appear at the bottom of the picture.

Listen to the music of your choice - clip from "resurrection" from 
Passion soundtrack, as well as 
a clip of the tetris theme - you can choose your music, or just turn it 
in the sound room - the entrance shouldn't be too tough to find.




Special Thanks:
-[ZoU]-Sunfire for lots of help with textures, music, and overall 
direction for the map's design.
Raven and Jesterspaz 
Berneyboy's "Photorealistic textures"
Zymotico for the model of Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
[Dragon]Razik for the shader on flags
SirXeed, Sick, Fierce Diety, Wiggles, and other Members of ZoU for their 
Berneyboy's "Photorealistic textures" & Turbo-squid
jk2files, PCGamemods, Massassi, and Lucasfiles for adding so much to 
the game.

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