Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

One of the largest multiplayer FPS games ever! Join the ferocious struggle between Joint Operations Forces and Indonesian Rebels, where team work is essential for survival and ultimate victory! Play i...

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Modifications ICE_v2.0.1_patch.exe

International Conflict: Europe v2.0.0 to v2.0.1 Patch


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Modifications ICE_116_patch.exe

International Conflict: Europe v1.0.5/1.0.6 to v1.1.6 patch


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Modifications ICE_200_patch.exe

International Conflict: Europe v1.0.5/1.0.6/1.16 to v2.0.0 patch


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Modifications IC_418_patch.exe

International Conflict v4.1.2 to v4.1.8 Patch


Co-Op Operation: Noose

"Your team will perform a fast-action assault on an enemy supply point. The supply point is a large dock capable of stationing larger classe...


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Characters USM ACU / Desert uniforms

United States Marines Battallion Reality Uniforms Thse Uniforms are for the Sole use on Reality, the USM Server & Private Game Play. The...


Team Deathmatch *JUNGLE WARS*

A small area filled with foliage where 2 teams will fight for the death. This map is a TDM map where you will need at least 2 players to pla...


Team Deathmatch Death match map

A nice small death match map. Based on a grass terrain with small huts and lots of places to hide. Enjoy"" If you find any errors please con...


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Characters 101st Airborne ACU

These skins change most of your default JO skins to ACU with 101st Airborne patches. This includes and MP skin for the US Army Rangers.


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Sounds Real Deal Weapon Sounds Version 1.0

This weapon sound mod changes the following sound to these weapons.... 1. colt45 2. barret sniper 3. g36 4. m...


TKOTH -BGB- Tower Watch

This Map has a Fortress in the middle with lots of defense weapons around it. There are tunnels that go from the outside to the middle of th...


Characters KFH Skinpack

This is a collection of new camo skins I have made for Joint Ops. It replaces most of the default JO and some of the Rebel Skins to give bot...


Videos Desert Fight Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming "Desert Fight" IC3 coop map for Joint Operations has been released!


Co-Op IC-World-War-by-MIA

I've just got word from command, they want us to retake the church. I know we've held it twice already, but this time they want us to keep...


Co-Op IC-World-War-Pt2-by-MIA

#International Conflict Mod# Ok men, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I'm recommending Private Tuna for the...


Co-Op IC-World-War-Pt4-by-MIA

#International Conflict Mod# Journal Entry 11/16 This may very well be the last entry in my journal, as I made the mistake of listening too...


Co-Op Island Terror [IC]

Talibans have taking control over a group of islands, our mission is to take back the islands and bring peace and prosperity with our troups...


Co-Op IC-World-War-Pt3-by-MIA

#International Conflict Mod# Right you lot, that last mission was good but it could've been better. We now face three bridges, which comman...


Multimode AC boneyard

A small aircraft graveyard, was made for small groups, alot of vehicles and 50`s etc etc. hope you in enjoy it.


Team Deathmatch TDM-Projeto Nuclear

The idea of this map was for CQB, but it can be played as sniper. Red and Blue both spawn in 2 B37 at 700 meters high. They have to conquer...


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