Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

One of the largest multiplayer FPS games ever! Join the ferocious struggle between Joint Operations Forces and Indonesian Rebels, where team work is essential for survival and ultimate victory! Play i...

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Operation: Noose Socom_Ops 43KB 533
USM ACU / Desert uniforms USM_Mitch 709KB 286
Death match map -XFS- JJ 262KB 443
101st Airborne ACU ajviper 817KB 372
Real Deal Weapon Sounds Version 1.0 Outsider 1.93MB 3650
-BGB- Tower Watch TimMiester-BGB- 189KB 696
KFH Skinpack KFH-BukkakeGod 5.06MB 1556
Desert Fight Trailer gitter84 11.98MB 367
IC-World-War-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 19KB 2180
IC-World-War-Pt2-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 10KB 1240
IC-World-War-Pt4-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 14KB 1265
Island Terror [IC] DREAD-BG18-SWE 18KB 1721
IC-World-War-Pt3-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 10KB 1154
AC boneyard CybeR SoldieR 70KB 440
TDM-Projeto Nuclear Samuka 159KB 288
Code Sweet Smoke CybeR SoldieR 40KB 1259
Blitz CybeR SoldieR 43KB 1247
IC-Strafe-Run-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 13KB 632
Massacre-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 6KB 1230
VLG-Hellhouse VLG-Anja 26KB 358
Refinery Wars BigSmellyFart 218KB 292
Rampage "A" Samuka 100KB 260
Ninho de Ratos_Nest of Rats Samuka 168KB 927
Midway-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 6KB 1213
H2O-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 16KB 919
The Alamo for IC3 BigSmellyFart 285KB 318
Atomic Island Silentraiders 19KB 2137
Taliban Compound DREAD-BG18-SWE 28KB 1455
Tonka Island Tonka3 1005KB 1482
Terrorism-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 19KB 1003
The-Alamo-Jo-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 20KB 1108
Flagball-Extreme-Jo-by-MIA MIA~Ebow~ 88KB 327
Breaking Point DREAD-BG18-SWE 25KB 1243
AP - Truck Stop Fischmoesi-AP- 25KB 326
Don't Blame the Game 2006 DREAD-BG18-SWE 23KB 928
Gauntlet Of Darkness [IC 3] smittan 122KB 879
Toy-Soldiers Derrty 123KB 639
Titanic Derrty 49KB 411
The Villa Derrty 92KB 126
Saint Louis Derrty 182KB 102
Indoor Derrty 94KB 104
Ghost Castle Derrty 44KB 122
Bashrah Streets Derrty 287KB 167
Apocalypse Now III Reality GenElec 790KB 1840
Boot Camp Guest 56KB 1583
GE´s Black Hawk Down GenElec 67KB 1799
Apocalypse Now III GenElec 194KB 1758
Lebanon Katyusha Shk-Sneak 37KB 1000
Water Hole Shade_ 11KB 108
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JO:IC MOD Version.4.1.2. Released! Guest 23rd January 2007
Poll Results Ronnie 16th July 2006
Weekly Poll Results Ronnie 30th June 2006
Weekly Poll Results Ronnie 17th June 2006
Poll Results Hfx-Rebel 4th June 2006
Poll Results Ronnie 14th May 2006
TerraNova Urban Assault Features Movie Ronnie 17th April 2006
Poll Results Ronnie 16th April 2006
TerraNova Urban Assault Preview Movie Ronnie 2nd April 2006
TerraNova Urban Assault Screenshots Ronnie 28th March 2006