AMBO Stats for Joint Operations

AMBO Server Stats from

SERVER ADMIN FUNCTIONS (runs on server side) - Punt/Ban player (with reason. Show reaso...


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AMBO Server Stats from

SERVER ADMIN FUNCTIONS (runs on server side) - Punt/Ban player (with reason. Show reason for 5 seconds before actual kick/ban) - Chat to players - Right click player and talk - Play next map (resetgames) - Hide game/Show game from taskbar - Auto message function (Play messages with interval from 1-20 minutes)

SERVER ONLINE FUNCTION - Server online/offline notification on your website (graphical) - Player names and team color shown online - Map name and stats - Server name - # of players / Max # of players

ONLINE PLAYER STATS - Player stats. Kills/Deaths/Ratio/Headshots/Knifings/Zone time/Zone defend kills/Zone attack kills & more ! - Map stats - Server stats (stats about Ambo hosted servers)

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Download '' (843KB)

Ambo stats installation instructions

- Unpack the .zip file to any folder.
- Click 'AmbostatsSetup.exe' and follow the instructions to install.
- The "ambostats" folder contains the files that need to be uploaded to your website. 

- Upload the complete "ambostats" folder to your website via FTP.
- Open your internet browser and open the URL where "installer.php" is located.
(This looks something like : 

MySQL installation
- Fill in your MySQL database name/login/password and click [Proceed]

Create administrator for Ambo stats
- Create an administrator by filling in a username and password and click [Proceed]

After you done all steps your installation is complete !

You can find your stats page :
You can find your admin page :

Now navigate to your admin control panel and create a new server
- Do this by clicking the SERVERS menu option
- The servercode is a unique code for your servers. Create one and click [Add Server]
(You need to use this code later on)

Ambo local settings. (settings tab)
- Update URL  : [the url where your Ambo update.php is located]
- Import URL  : [the url where your Ambo import.php is located]
- Server code : Type your made servercode

Now start hosting !

|FG| Ambo stats team !

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