International Conflict Mod



Here is a summary of the key features of JO:IC

* Approved o [TODO: indicate Nova approval, no PB issues] * Terrains o 19 new terrains o Desert, snow, and mixed type terrains o Some converted from old Land Warrior terrains, grass added where appropriate o Some terrains made from actual satellite imagery o Flat desert/snow/green terrains. Not totally flat but more so that the stock flat terrain. * Vehicles o Re-skinned vehicles for desert and snow o Specialty skins on certain vehicles: Coast Gaurd, UN, Medivac (some of these are meant mainly for tournament use) o Howitzer! o Attack helicopters that can fire Air-to-Ground and Air-to-Air guided missiles * Buildings o Over two dozen custom made buildings o Imported many BHD Mogadishu and other buildings. Urban combat has returned! o Imported Iranian Oil Tanker and Druglord's Villa from BHD:TS * Player skins o Skins for desert and snow combat * Weapon changes o Multiple options on several weapons, such as an AK74 with a laser/4x scope and one with no laser/normal scope. o M16 changed to M16a4 (full auto) o Silenced sniper rifle, effective to 300-400m only o Rebels can carry some JO weapons, JO can carry some Rebel weapons o Many other small tweaks in who can carry what o All vehicle mounted weapons have clip sizes, overheat, and can reload at a FARP * Sounds o Sounds changed on a bunch of weapons and vehicles. Just listen to the bullets wizzing by! * Other cool features o All JO:E assets are included! All maps made for JO and JOE are intended to be compatible with the IC mod. o Mobile PSPs! o Trees can be blown up (map maker can still mark them indestrucable)


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