International Conflict Patch



What's new in this patch:

AT4 cannot be fired on the move (done to match RPG) Old desert/snow skins removed. Each army now has its skins. See Great Britain->6th Division for JO and Israel->Israel Defense Force for Rebel. British/Israeli flags now available (mapper must use the IC PSP object, otherwise you still see US/Iraq flag) Shiny arms on stock rebel skins fixed Deathmatch start marker available Chinook and Mil-26 stronger IC Mog and Wedge buildings should now use much less texture memory Bark on snow pine trees made a bit darker Skin on Desert M1A1 tank and Chinook updated. Snow T80 tank now available LCAC texture fixed Bridges fixed to allow tanks to cross normally Apache and buggy's reduced to JOE speeds. All vehicles >200 speed setting lowered to 200 (i.e. medivac BH). Should reduce lag.

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