International Conflict v1.2.1 to v2.1.2 patch

ic_212_patch.exe —


IC v2 Features Summary

New stuff (by no means a complete list):

* New howitzer model, takes the place of the old APC+tank turret contraption * Driveable cannon boat with 2 tank * turret power guns, 50cal guns, and an armory below deck * Set of OH58 helicopters (with loadouts such as transport, minigun, etc.) * Medevil castle set * MASH tent that has respawning med pack inside (good for COOP) * Set of barn buildings * Gas station, playground * Lighthouse * Sewer tunnel system * Large star field * Anti aircraft artillery * Snow scooter fixed and now available within NILE * Large warehouse buildings * Large crane * More foilage * Bot AI's modified to move differently. See the documentation in JO/expansion/ic/docs for details and description for map makers. * Decorations such as traffic signs, parked trailers, gravestones, a climbable fast rope * Absolute dark environment file (turn that gamma up all you want, you wont see jack) * Environment files more suited for desert terrains * Multi * colored smoke grenades available by repeatedly pressing your smoke grenade key

More objects ported from other titles:

* A few BHD buildings not in the last version * BHD Decorations such as roadblocks * BHD Vehicles (most made driveable) such as civilian technicals, UN trucks, a couple boats, flyable Pavlow * A couple BHD terrains...time to remake IRENE * Some DF2 Terrains, buildings (more complete set of DF2 items to come in v3) * Some C4 terrains

Tweaks/Fixes to existing stuff:

* All IC made player skins are now located under International Conflict as a country label. * Rifleman can carry satchels, engineers can carry AK47 * LCAC strength increased * Crewed weapons (i.e. tank cannon) now always show visible tracers (radar warning still depends on server setting) * Thermal sights on choppers removed. Causing too much of a headache (literally) for tournament players tasked with flying them for long periods of time. * M4 and P90 power increased some, MP5 variants decreased some * Nuke howitzer round speed and power slightly increased * All desert/snow strykers and BTRs now have closed hatches (it was inconsistent between teams before) * Stryker/BTR hud position numbers now correspond to seat positions correctly


* Start menu shortcut should now work * Better "readme" type documentation, see index.html within JO/expansion/ic/docs * Readme cites tools used

Many of these features will not be apparent until maps are made with them. All IC related objects now appear in NILE starting with standard names to make them easier to find: Objects prior to version 1 begin with "IC:" Objects new or updated in version 2 begin with "IC2:" Objects ported from other titles have that name after the ":", such as "IC:BHD"


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