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Following the incredible feedback Brutal Arts received, the team has worked hard to try to bring about the changes the community suggest...


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Following the incredible feedback Brutal Arts received, the team has worked hard to try to bring about the changes the community suggested. Whether dedicated JOps players or serving or ex-service personnel, there has been considerable interest in this mod and a steady avalanche of valid suggestions.

Whilst we could not tackle all of the issues that were brought to our attention, either due to time constraints, lack of tools or through deciding to leave out certain suggestions, we have addressed a great many things. Please find listed below some of the changes made. There have been considerable changes since 0.15 and this list is not exhaustive.

Design Notes: |- New Installer package |- New menus and loading screens. |- HUD has been simplified. |- Spin map has been replaced with a button compass |- Erroneous text messages now removed |- No Death or Kill Messages |- New skins for some vehicles, including interior details |- New Night vision view |- M4 sight has been improved. Other weapons have received a new scope reticle. |- Sniper rifle sights have received the first phase of their overhaul, with further development planned for later releases. |- MP5 and MP5SD as Secondary Weapon for Snipers. Selected with secondary weapon button. |- All pistols have sights to aim through |- Aiming now available for all emplaced weapons |- Miniguns now have more realistic attributes |- .50 Cal sniper rounds can take out light vehicles |- References to weapons that we have no models for have been removed from armouries |- JOps and Rebel sides have slightly different weapons in their armouries. |- Mortar ammunition amounts and fire delay time adjusted (mortars have 4 rnds only) |- Smoke grenades and flashbangs now are more effective |- Vehicle speeds and strength attributes have been investigated |- Stinger missiles are now a deadlier menace to aerial vehicles with decreased time to target but greater range.

Enjoy the MOD!

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Download 'reality_mod_v016beta.exe' (29.97MB)

Reality Mod v0.16 release notes 

Welcome to V0.16 of the Joint Operations Reality MOD 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for the hard work and 
dedication put into this MOD, for their humility and their determination to see 
a job well done: 

Domox- Programming /2D/3D/Concept Art
SOTO-Mac - Programming
Boxter- Programming /Website Admin 
Fugazi- 2D Art 
Banshee- Admin/2D Art/ 0.15/0.16 Project Lead 
Kasrkin- Programming 
Tomcat- 0.15 Project Lead/Moderator/Realistic gameplay advisor
HellKat61- flight characteristics 
The feedback from the Brutal Arts forum visitors and regular contributors.
The continued support of the squads and individuals keeping the MOD alive in the 
NOVA servers around the world.

Known problems:

1) Player Skins:
Whilst starting from the Realism shortcut on your desktop is a reliable way to 
access the MOD directly, you will find that if you switch to the MOD by going to 
Options/Expansions/Reality MOD there is a problem with Joint Ops Skins. Often 
the JOPs skin will be seen in-game as either a SEAL with a boonie hat or as a UK 
Gurkha with red beret. This problem does not seem to affect rebel player skins.

Solution: Start the MOD from the desktop icon provided with the installer. Set 
yr player loadouts and skins. Play the game. Enjoy. Repeat. Try loading JOps/Escalation 
and switching to the MOD- select yr player skins and play the MOD. 

2) Med Packs:
Whilst recent play-testing has proven that med packs can be good for your health, 
this is an area we are watching closely on release of BETA 0.16. Please post if 
you have any problems with the Med packs removing health from a player. 

3) Vehicles exploding:
Vehicles now smoke and flame for longer before exploding (to represent a vehicle 
has taken damage and its combat worthiness has been reduced). Abandoned vehicles 
still explode after a given period of time. We are looking into this and may 
need code support from Novalogic. 

4) No version mismatch error when joining a server running a different version 
of this MOD

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