R8Terrain Pack v1

This pack was only created to run with Joint Operations Typhoon Rising game but is also compatible with all known JO mods

Following terra...


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File Description

This pack was only created to run with Joint Operations Typhoon Rising game but is also compatible with all known JO mods

Following terrains contained in this install:

* R8artic1 : ice and snow * R8island1 : large island * R8island2 : variation of coast line and island * R8island2a :west coast to east coast variation * R8island2b : 3rd variation * R8island2e : easten coastline * R8island2w :westen coastline * R8island3 : NEW Big island * R8mount1 : small mountain terrain * R8plateau1 : 2 flat islands and a plateau island * R8sand1 : red sand OLD * R8sand2 : east coastline into fortified beach * R8wetland1 : wetland terrain one my first terrains * R8wetland2 : eastcoast into bendy strips of water "zodiac" * R8flatt : [complete flat terrain split into grass ,sand ,barron and stone]

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Download 'r8terrainv1.zip' (48.3MB)

R8Terrain pack version 01 created by R8Bob 

:Install instruction:

this Terrain pack was only created to run with Joint operations typhoon rising game + mods 

after exracting Run the R8Terrainv1.exe which is in same zip folder as this txt document then follow on screen instruction
if yourve installed JO in diffrent directory 
then direct the installer to you "joint operations typhoon rising" folder

thease terrain is not created or approved by Nova or to any other game modification at this time.

Terms of use:

If you are not a JO map maker and donot kno of a game server or map that use thease terrains it would be pointless installing.

Do Not use any thease terrains in Novaworld/internet game mode , if you do create "play and serve" game make sure 1 PB is DISABLED  
and 2 your game is "password protected" ,im unsure but Punkbuster may mistaken this as a CHEAT atempt and Ban you from PB games for ever.

Its probly wise idea to run the "startmenu > R8Terrain >remove R8Terrain" befor joining PB enabled games !.

Please do not modifie any files from this install.   

:Map makers:

ive included few singleplay npz's of some terrains for reviewing purpose's

Nile set up
Because the terrain is installed in typhoon rising folder the terrain will be playble in all JO game mod resources ,
Just make sure you remember which resource you used befor playing or objects may disppear ingame.  

DFx/med i think same should apply as nile!.

:Play and Server game:

1)Disable punkbuster
2)Password must be used because All clients must have the terrain installed on there hd befor they can play in your game.

If you would like to contact or offer advice on improving or creating futures terrain's you can email me at r8terrain@ntlworld.com

special thanks to

Godfather nile mapmakers forum for the support

Novalogic Inc for Terrain Generator 

and DV's for his DPTH2CDEP utilitie which made this pack possible

have Fun R8Bob

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