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This is Only the Small Mission Coop map make for People Who Wonder How to Setup things are Moving Around or Attack in Nile programs. If anyo...


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This is Only the Small Mission Coop map make for People Who Wonder How to Setup things are Moving Around or Attack in Nile programs. If anyone confuse the way to setup when you read the help you are welcome to download this mission then open it for more help. Please read-me file before you are trying to setup your own map. Hope this will help and have fun during the time you are making your mission as you want. Any misstake in this mission, please forgive me.

(This is a map for JO: Escalation)

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All Credit in this small setup for the JOEs mission will be Credit to my son Andrew 6 years old who love 
to play alot of games such as Deus EX, Deus EX Invisible War , Unreal, Doom 3, Counter Strike, Soldier of
Fortune II, BHD, BHD-Tn, Serious Sam, JameBone Night Fight, Spider Man, Mental Gear 3, Final Fantasy. He 
has a lot of idears to put in the most of my Coop maps. 

 Welcome to Small Mission for Setup in Nile

 In order to Share & help Ladies and gelements out there, to those who want to create the JO or JOEscalation 
map by youselft from the begin to the end with not much problem or harder, I release my son ideas into 
this map how to setup by map picture. I am not dare to teach anyone but I am sure in my feeling that, 
I would like to share with all of you and I hope I am will be one of your friend if you don't mind.  
As I am having a hard time to read and understand English well, maybe in this explain I spell and write 
a lot of misstake, so please forgiven me. NILE Editor Require and A lot of help if you want to look very 
close inside the explain very clear how to use all the functions keyboard in the Nile program, you may 
want to download the Nile_doc-ver-1.2 from dfb & the help from Novalogic Interactive Level Editor Help 
Manual was Compiled by Sir. Iceman. 
 In this small mission you need to use NILE Editor to open & you can see how to setup things moving or 
attact to the player in the mission, you have to look the way how to setup from step by step. 
All actions must be follow by the order or your map will not working as you want.

The most hard part is setting the Waypoint but here is the Tip so you can setup very easy.

Create the Folder first then give the Folder a name 
Inside the Folder make one Sub-folder.
Now go back to the Object and place WP on the Ground.
Go back to the Sub- folder then click One By One on the Top of the WP you just creat them on the ground.
(Remember click the First One where U place that WP first.) You will note that when U click on the wp 
the yellow line will  Automatic Connect the next point for you.
The next one U must create the New Folder and do the same things above.

In this mission after the hostages are going inside the Chinook, the mission will ending.

First Notes:

Some Enemies Right Now in the map are SHOOTING! Some of them I am select the Active box so they don't 
shoot at you when you are in the mission.

If you Want All the Enemies Not Shooting, Open Nite Editor then Select Active Box.
(Remember, if you selected the Active box with check mark, the enemies maybe not moving around or 
fighting back at you. They are all dumps then only just stand there and look around.)

If you Want All the Enemies Shooting, Moving around with all actions, just Highligh on the enemy then 
Remove the Active Box check mark.

Try to setup as many ways as you want, also you have the right to use all information in this map to 
make your own mission and public if you want.

Second Note:

About the Wps for players in all kind of game types, right now so far I just know there are FIVE ways 
of setting the Wp for players in the misison to follow.

But in this mission, I just releas one kind of setup the Wp by borrow the Psp.

After U finished your map, place the Psp anywhere in you map as you want the Psp to be.
Follow order below here just as I do in this mission.
Fist choice to make the Wp by the Psp:
Place the Fist Psp where U will be start the mission then make it to be:
   Fist Psp      LFP1  (team 1)
   next Psp     LFP2  (team 0)
   next Psp     LFP3  (team 0)
   next Psp     LFP4  (team 0)
   next Psp     LFP5  (team 2)
and so one as many as you want.

When U go to the mission, the Wp will show up on the Spin map. Remember this option require to take 
the Psp in numerical order.

Third Note:

About the Enemy Respawn, I am not mention in this mission.(you need to make them a Group to make the AIs 
respawn in order times)

I Always remember and thank to all the Coop Lovers out there and friends BBz Bent Boy, and RedneckRetart. 

Good luck to all and if you need me help more just please email: Alexcomputer AT socal DOT rr DOT com! 


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