Timber Wolf Map pack

Big Thanks to Timberwolf for brining us this latest map pack, with 21 Maps no less!

These maps varies in type and style; you may find you...


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Big Thanks to Timberwolf for brining us this latest map pack, with 21 Maps no less!

These maps varies in type and style; you may find yourself in extreme CQB situations fighting to secure apartment blocks or you may well engage in some covert ops crawing in the swamps at nightime. Some maps only allows for infantry weapons yet quite a few of them allows for a full fleet of blackhawks / Mk5 patrol boats for non-stop action! Whatever your inertest may be; you're sure to find your place in this new map pack.

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(1) Apartment hell - If you've ever lived in an apartment - well, it may suck, but hopefully people aren't shooting at you like they are here. One spawn point in the pool, surrounded by the apartment buildings. A tough map. 

(2)Bad news - The bad news is that you have to take that spawn point in the clearing. This map has very heavy foliage which lets you shoot from concealment, but also allows those guys with knives and machetes to get really close. Fatally close.

(3)Bloody river - Small map with teams just across the river From one another. There are trucks and helicopters available, but most of the action will be CQB. If you go far enough up- or down-river, you might even find a Mark V.Snipers may find some action from the mountains, but 
they'll have to be quick.

(4)Crash landing - Both teams start out with APCs and there is an airfield in the middle, so you can choose to be infantry, armor, or aviation.The terrain is fairly rugged with scattered trees and buildings for cover.

(5)Death box - Extreme CQB. Four buildings in a square with a spawn point in the middle. Shoot from the windows or the roofs, or work your way around to the enemy's rear for some knife and grenade action.

(6)Float town - Not much land here, so most of the buildings are on platforms over the murky water. Lots of boats to get to the one spawn point on a partially-sunken freighter, or to attack the enemy where he lives.

(7)Gunboat Diplomacy - A few islands for the spawn points, but mainly wide open water and boats with guns.  A boat crew - as opposed to a collection of individuals - will help considerably in this map as you fight other boats at full throttle on the high seas.

(8)HQ assault - As the revolution continues, attacks are made on military headquarters in outlying towns. Try to take the headquarters building and then defend it against the enemy forces. An emplaced .50 caliber 
machinegun helps, but there are just too many ways 
into the building.

(9)In the market for death - Battle over a medium- sized Indonesian city that has 12 blocks of markets, housing, warehouses, a refinery, and a military compound. This map can use all player classes and weapons, from sniper rifles to claymores. You might even find a BTR 
in a garage.  

(10)Island war - Five spawns are spread across several islands, so boats are necessary but they are also vulnerable to fire from the land. You decide if the best course of action is on board a boat or on land. All 
player classes can get a workout here. Boat captains, there are plenty of shallows to run aground on, which makes you a sitting duck.

(11)Meat grinder - One spawn in the middle of a town square, with plenty of windows and balconies looking down on it. Send out your point man to draw the enemy fire and then blast away at their positions.

(12)Midnight Brawl - Fierce CQB in the dark. One spawn in the middle of a town square, with foliage and cargo boxes to clutter the landscape. The roofs and balconies offer better shooting, but also make you a nice target.

(13)Misty morning death - Small, dark map with two spawn points inside buildings in the middle. The sides offer foliage, rocks, and cargo containers for cover. Plenty of concentrated action on this map. Nowhere is safe!

(14)Monsoon - A medium-sized town has been flooded and is now in the middle of a battle. Run Zodiac boats down the streets and don't forget to sharpen your blade for the underwater fighting.  

(15)Mouse Patrol - Map is about 2 kilometers by 2 kilometers, with 3 spawns and plenty of dune buggies. You might have so much fun driving that you're amazed when people start shooting at you.

(16)Night Moves - Imagine it's East L.A. and gunfight on the streets at night. Or engage in a little drive-by shooting with .50 cals. The interiors of the main buildings are lit up, so don't try looking out the windows if you want to live very long.

(17)Platform Assault - Four offshore platforms connected by bridges to fight over. There are several trucks and ATVs, plus a number of Zodiacs and boats, and a UH-60 on a smaller platform to the East. Good gameplay for all player types.

(18)Pond scum - Bring your mosquito repellant. This is a battle over a single spawn in a swamp at night. There are a couple of houses, a few boats, and much foliage. You need either stealth or overwhelming 
firepower to take this one.

(19)Rat patrol - Big brother to Mouse Patrol, thismap is about 12 square kilometers. Vehicles are dune buggies and helicopters -blackhawks/Super Pumas and Little Birds/NBO-105s with rockets and miniguns. A well-coordinated crew will go a long way towards 
victory. NOTE: There are spare dune buggies about 250 
yards from all of the spawn points.

(20)Smuggler’s blues - A freighter is offloading an illegal cargo to some small fishing boats. Join the party in your Zodiac boat. Of course, the enemy is heading for the freighter, too. This map offers a wide 
range of fighting, but snipers are probably going to 
dominate if they can get into the right position.

(21)Violent neighbors - Small town with 2 spawns, one in a building and one in an alley. Lots of street fighting and sniping from windows and rooftops. It doesn't take many players to make this map nonstop action.

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