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This is the first quality map editor that has been released. Be sure to send your maps to us once you have completed them for a quality host...


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This is the first quality map editor that has been released. Be sure to send your maps to us once you have completed them for a quality host

-- Ability to use 3d wireframe mode for about 90% of the objects.

-- Ability to see color and heightmaps of ALL terrains - thereby allowig 3d height adjustment.

-- Ability to tile maps.

-- Option added to allow selection of AAS game type

-- Removed need to hexedit maps

-- Option added to adjust distances on LFP spawnpoints for AAS maps.

-- Many other unlocked features.

Now Stop Reading and Start Mapping!!

*** note : there is a fix for the map editor, you may download it from;28765 ***

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Download '' (85.84MB)

DFBarracks Joint Operations Med

Before I do anything else I wanted to take a moment to give credit where it
is due.. and thank those who through thier work allowed this Map Editor(MED)
to be created(Map EDitor for you that wonder why MED?.. )

Credits .. 

A.Bullet --

	Organizer / Ad Hoc Project Leader
	Did a lot of organizational work to put together the required files to 
	make the editor itself possible.

	Worked with DareHacker to come up with a way to export/import JO/BHD models in a format
	suitable for use in a BHD era map editor. 

	Recruited Anoshi to do many of the 3di conversions for me.. 

	Recruited DevilsClaw to create a RAW file DPTH map exporter for JO to allow creation
	of BHD style terrains.

	Recruited DV to help mod the MED to allow the new AAS gametype and stop the need for 
	hex editing of mission files.

	All around did anything else required to bring this together.. 

Anoshi --
	ASE - 3DI conversion
	Anoshi did many of the 3DI conversions.. thus saving my sanity and 
	contributing hugely to the project.

DareHacker --
	Programmer / Research and Development
	Created JO 3di2OBJ converter which was key to converting 3DI's to unlock wire
	frame mode.

Devilsclaw --
	Programmer / Research and Development
	Created programs to extract key image info from the game for terrain height and

DV --
	Programmer / Research and Development
	Contributed the code and knowledge required to mdoify the exisiting MED to allow
	for the new AAS game type and other embellishments.


Step 1:  Click the JOMED_SETUP.exe file and extract to some directory on your hard drive

	(I created a MED directory under my game installation - but any directory will work
	JUST NOT YOUR GAME DIR - SO DONT PUT IT THERE -I dont want to hear about it if you do!)

Step 2: Copy your localres.pff and resource.pff files from your game directory to the directory
	you extracted the MED into.

Step 3: Run the med.. installation should be complete.


NOTE: we expect you know how to use the BHD map editor.. if not please visit DFB forums for more info
as this document cannot cover all aspects.

Map creation itself is fairly straightforward.. make your map as you would for BHD.. 

For AAS maps.. use the AAS checkbox provided un gametypes.

For AAS LFP spawns to set the size of the spawn 'halo' use the waypoint distance box which has been
unlocked for this purpose.


Once you have completed your map.. you MUST run it through the BHD_to_JO_bms.exe to convert it into
a Joint Ops version BMS file.. 

At this point your map should be ready to run.. give it a shot.

Additional notes..  LFP spawns should be added in the order you want them to appear..  ie
base A B C and D should be added in order to ensure they will be named A B C and D respectively.

Known problems.. 

Some heights of some 3DI objects arent right - this is due to conversion.. we may make a version with
fixed items.. however we wanted this released.. 

FYI this product is provided as is.. and as such carries no guarantees of any kind.. however
I will absolutely guarantee.. if it breaks in half.. you can keep both halves.. 

Anyhow.. get out there and start mapping..

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