Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

One of the largest multiplayer FPS games ever! Join the ferocious struggle between Joint Operations Forces and Indonesian Rebels, where team work is essential for survival and ultimate victory! Play i...

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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Weekly Poll Results


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Weekly Poll Results


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Files Request

Have you created something - be it a skin, a wallpaper, a tutorial, a sound track, a map, a mod or whatever - and wish JOPSFiles to publish it? Then read on carefully! The better you conform to the following guidelines, the faster your file will be online. Ignore them and it might end up being ne...


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Poll Results


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising (Another) New Staff Addition

Hello All.. Im you're new loveable, hugable, uber staff member ;) Ill be taking care of: File of the Week Polls Featured Files News Comments pretty much everything except files. Im available almost all the time on msn @ awa1ct AT gmail DOT com Thanks!


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Regarding the Community Links Section

I've taken the liberty of cleaning out the community links section. All dead links have been removed. If you feel like your link is suddenly missing or you haven't submitted one in the past, submit your link today. Click here to add your link thanks


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising (Another) New Co-Admin

You're probably getting tired of seeing the latest news about new staff, but I'll try to make sure this is the last co-admin one you see for a while :) Hi there, my name is Gez! I've recently been invited to become this site's new co-administrator. I'll helping Peace and the other staff (who w...


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising JOPSFiles Staff Needed is currently looking for some new dedicated staff! I've made a list below of what we need. I would like only dedicated people to apply that have a love for the game. Together we will try to revive this site. Anyway, here are the details: Co Admin: Your task will be to generally man...


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising G'day

I have been graciously granted a staff position here at jopsfiles. I'm going to try to bring some life back to this site. Of course I realise it won't be easy but i'm going to do so to the best of my abilities. Needless to say, I obviously can't do this alone, therefore I will try to get a few more...


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising New Staffer

Hey guys, I'll be helping Loky out here with trying to get jopsfiles more active, so if you've got any news, such as mod news, tournaments, or clans looking for members, e-mail me at [email protected] If anyone has files, click here to submit them. Hopefully between Loky and myself, this sit...


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Site promotion

If you wanna link to your site from JOPSfiles send me : [email protected] an email including with the site information and a 88x31 picture WE WILL ONLY SUPPORT SITES THAT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE GAME , DONT SEND US LINKS TO SITE THAT DONT HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON WITH THE GAME ITSE...


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Category Escalation added

I just added a category for the expansion so the maps and files wont be mixed up ;) im working on the site , bigger improvments will be seen in the next week


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Site update

Since the site has been left alone for some time and im currently looking for a few staff members to help me out because none of the older members do any work :D The site will get daily file updates and news updates , but please keep in mind that this game has a sam comunity and it isen't real...


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising We need files !!

The site's mailbox is totally empty and we wanna change that . We need : everything regarding JO and the expansion , that also includes home made videos (from the game) and maps . Please click here to submit a file . ;)


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising New Co-Site Administrator

I joined JOPSfiles for the same reason i did FarCry files . Im gonna keep the site updated daily with videos , maps etc . Minnor updates regarding the sites look will be changed Have a nice day ! ;)


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