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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Kerbal Space Program's latest expansion DLC, Making History, opened up the possibility to re-create all kinds of historical scenarios from humanity's journey into the stars, from the Apollo moon landings, and beyond, to fictional scenarios inspired by the TV show The Expanse.

One modder has decided to take the fictional scenario one step further by re-creating Any Weir's well-known novel and move adaptation The Martian into a playable mission. Live out the life of Matt Damon in Kerbal form, as you try and survive the harsh environment of Mars with only the equipment your team left behind.

Called The Dunatian, this mod takes place on Duna, which is Kerbal's equivalent of Mars. As in the bok it is based on, the main character, Bill, is stuck on the planet as his crew take off and return home without him, after a storm hits their landing site.

 Bob was left behind on Dunas surface, his fellow crewmates Jebediah, Valentina and Bill thought he was poofed unsuspectedly during a physicsglitch, they launched with the DRV back to the KERMES, a rather large interplanetary transfervessel in Dunas low orbit - full of sorrow and quite unamused they messaged the sad news to their friends at the KSC...

 But Bob survived, and after a extended nap under the rover he realised what happened to him. While pulling a broken antenna out of his butt he began to wonder how he might get back to Kerbin, but chances seemed pretty bad since the glitch cutted him off from any communication with the KSC.
So he started out gardening in the habitat, grew potatoes on soil and crap, and went wandering along the dunes around the hab, thinking about snacks, boosters and rocketfuel.
Far above him flew occasionally a small survey satellite which was decommissioned some time ago, but a few months after the accident someone back on Kerbin finally noticed something unusual...

And here is where the mission starts, you have to manage the chars and vessels which are currently around Kerbin and Duna to make it happen, bring him home! 

The mod allows you to travel the landscape in rovers, and try and manage Bill's survival, which requires you to carefully consider things like battery life, for example. The interesting part though is you also need to consider characters away from Duna, to build a solution to rescue Bill and return him home safely.

A full list of features and objectives in the mod include;

- You start about 13 days before performing the "Rich Kerman Maneuver" with the KERMES, restock the KERMES in due time
- Funding is enabled, Bobs lifeinsurance company kicks in at some point
- Bend your mind around the commnet constraints, avoid loss of control while maneuvering, think ahead
- Manage scarce resources while roving across Dunas landscapes, chose from two vehicles and evaluate your strategy
- Construct (or use prefab) the KRES V Supply mission that must reach Bob ahead of the KERMES
- Perform unusual maneuvers, launch, orbit and capture retrograde, high elliptic rendezvous, probedropping maneuvers, and more
- Construct (or use prefab) the KAIJANG KHEN resupply boosterrocket to intercept the KERMES and refuel the vessel
- Land and drive to the KRES V Supply probe to secure Bob`s survival (Scoring)
- Find a way to the KRES IV Ascendvehicle in the Skiapparellicrater, board the vessel, launch and meet the KERMES in orbit
- Construct (or use prefab) the DreamChaser Shuttle and recover Bob back on the Dessert Runway (Scoring)
- Gold-, silver- or bronzeaward, depending on your performance
- LV-N nuclear rocketmotor is not available in this mission

You can find out more information about the mod as this forum thread on the Kerbal Space Program forum.

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