Kingpin: Life of Crime

Kingpin: Life of Crime is a first-person shooter developed by Xatrix Entertainment and published by Interplay Entertainment in June 1999. The game begins with the player character wounded and beaten u...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Kingpin Power2 Mod V1.3 (Windows) 46.25MB 6
Kingpin Power2 Mod V1.3 (Linux) 46.41MB 1
Kingpin Server Browser 613KB 3
Kingpin COLORS CTF V1.3 (Windows) 69.87MB 5
Kingpin COLORS CTF V1.3 (Linux) 70.03MB 2
Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch ver4 63KB 15
2017 Complete Map Pack 24.75MB 4
2016 Complete Map Pack 36.85MB 6
Crash Squad Mod (V05) Linux 24.48MB 1
Crash Squad Mod (V05) Windows 24.32MB 8
KPDED2 Enhanced Kingpin Server (Linux) ver.4 144KB 3
KPDED2 Enhanced Kingpin Server (Windows) ver.4 144KB 8
Thunder Arena 2013 Kingpin Deathmatch Map 277KB 23
Hypoville North Kingpin Deathmatch Map 527KB 28
-=Decay City 2013=- Kingpin Deathmatch Map 1.12MB 30
DMTNT 2013 Kingpin Deathmatch Map 435KB 33
Warez 2013 Deathmatch Map 415KB 27
Trash Metal Deathmatch Map 1.3MB 24
-=Deadthings=- Deathmatch Map 1.34MB 27
Coliapy Junior 2013 445KB 22
Thugville: 2013 Kingpin Deathmatch Map 820KB 18
Night Work At The Factory Patch v1.2 5.81MB 35
Arena of Death Kingpin Style Deathmatch Map 136KB 24
Night Work At The Factory - Single Player Episode 175.75MB 74
CTF Downtown beta 2.27MB 14
Twilight's Last Gleaming 2.11MB 38
Look Back In Anger 554KB 17
The Dark Zone 948KB 41
Ruler Arena 217KB 20
Blades Edge Arena 151KB 19
French Maid 48KB 40
Kingpin Map Custom Finder 393KB 46
Fragandie Kingpin DM Map 40KB 8
Frag'n'Die2 Kingpin DM Map 90KB 23
Custom Armour Skins For Kingpin 68KB 7
Industrial Circuit Kingpin DM Map 564KB 6
MJ Arena Kingpin DM Map 118KB 10
Neglected Province Kingpin DM Map 1.24MB 8
Space Checkmate Kingpin DM Map 182KB 5
Quake3 Sarge 174KB 8
Das Boot Kingpin DM Map 220KB 6
Kingpin: Final Crime Mod 11.27MB 631
Kingpin City DM Map 1.22MB 54
Bosnia Kingpin DM Map 3.47MB 47
Marble Madness Bagman map 227KB 37
Urban Territory DM map 664KB 7
Lava Worx 823KB 6
Hamunaptra 2.19MB 44
Oddball Arena 2025 816KB 6
COLORS CTF Client Files v1 18.12MB 6