Kingpin: Life of Crime

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All Files In Kingpin: Life of Crime Skins
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Skins Quake3 Sarge

Quake3 Sarge Skin for the Thug Model


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Skins Custom Armour Skins For Kingpin

Custom armor skins that match the HUD armor colors by DreaD


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Skins French Maid

French maid skin for the Bitch model by Wstrngrrl.


Skins Mariner shotgun skin

Mariner shotgun skin by Überdroog. This skin turns the Kingpin shotgun chrome. Installation: The zip file is set up so you only ha...


Skins Terminator Thug Skin

A custom skin for the thug model in Kingpin: Life of Crime. Just extract the files to your kingpin folder.Easiest way to select this sk...


Skins Ash from Evil Dead

Ash from the Evil Dead movies. A skin for the thug model. Installation Instructions:Extract all files to your kingpin folder and they w...


Skins Alien Skin

Alien Skin. body_rt2 for me, body_rtp for you.


Skins Raw Chikin - Kingpin Male_chicken Skin

If the shoostings doesn't get you, the salmonella will.


Skins Hypov8 HMG Skin

A custom skin for the Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) by Hypov8. Installation:The skin is in pak5 file. The zip file is set up so you only have...


Skins Star Trek Skins Pack

This is a  skin pack for Kingpin containing all the skins made of characters from Star Trek.The pack contains seven skins for the thug,...


Skins Postal Dude Thug Skin

The Postal Dude is the anti-hero of the POSTAL game series.The Kingpin Postal Dude Thug skin was made by DziQ.Just unzip all the files to yo...