Gulag is the third episode of a five part single player series for Kingpin made by Wheelbarrow. 

The Story:
There is a big meeting of gang members from all over the country  planned in an old dis-used internment camp (gulag) in one of the  Eastern Block countries. The gangs figure this is the only way to  have such a meeting and not get interrupted by the free world authorities. 

You have followed the gang members over there (because you're psychotic),
to this 'gulag' on the outskirts of a large Eastern Block city, where  you're determined to take out as many as you can. Airport security  removed all you're weaponry prior to boarding the plane, so all you  got is your trusty pipe to start with, and a bill for the removal van  needed to take your weaponry from the airport to a local storage facility :) 

Check the gulag.txt readme in the zipfile for a lot more information.

Wheelbarrow made a story that spreads over five episodes.
The order in which to play them is Funeral, The Chase, Gulag, Reprisal and Sanctuary.

Each episode is stand alone but all five mappacks continue the same story. It starts with the first pack The Funeral where you are attending the funeral of a rival gang boss. The following packs you are pitted against a gang that basically wants you dead and it culminates with a showdown in a large military base in Sanctuary.

Installing & Loading : Unzip the files into your Kingpin/main/maps directory.

Create a desktop shortcut for Kingpin and then add the following:-

+set developer 1 + skill 1 +map gulag

skill can be 0 = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard.


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