KPDED2 v.5 Enhanced Kingpin Server (Linux)

182860-158338-kpded2-v5-linux.zip —


Monkey Harris has released version 5 of the KPDED2 Enhanced Server file which allows you to run enhanced dedicated public Kingpin servers. 

There are versions for both Windows and Linux. This is the Linux version.

The KPDED2 file allows you to run dedicated public servers. In your server shortcut you just replace the kingpin.exe with the kpded2.exe.

KPDED2 fixes a number of bugs and security holes and also adds many new improvements.

The zipfile contains a very comprehensive readme which you should read.

The readme does include some suggested Quick Start settings and most of the new default settings are fine so you wont need to change/add too many commands to your server.cfg file.

The main changes in the new version 5 are:-

* Improved support for Gamespy master servers (including 333networks).
* New "setstarttime" command to set a game start countdown for server browsers.
* New "sv_underwater_sound" option to play an underwater sound to players that are under water.
* Uptime info for server browsers ("sv_uptime" option) enabled by default.
* Built-in support for player country lookups using GeoIP2 database.
* Idle mode tweaked to use practically 0% CPU.
* Height fix for dead players (stops players blowing themselves up when firing a rocket over a dead player).
* Tweaks for improved antilag on connections with fluctuating ping.
* Delay info added to the "lag" client command.


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