Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch ver4

Monkey Harris has released a new version of his patch for Kingpin: Life of Crime. The Monkey Harris patch has heaps of fixes and improv...


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Monkey Harris has released a new version of his patch for Kingpin: Life of Crime. 

The Monkey Harris patch has heaps of fixes and improvements, including custom screen resolutions, several download tweaks, console and hud fixes, and it downloads a list of the current Kingpin game servers and adds them to your 'Join Network Server' menu. Plus several other fixes.

Most of the fixes are automatic but if you want to set a custom resolution, turn vsync off, set max FPS, and a few others just click on the patchcfg.exe file to open it and set your preferences.

Just read the patch.txt file for comprehensive information about the patch.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.

A summary of the new features in ver4 :-

Dynamic lighting tweaks, including much improved performance so that it can now be enabled on Intel GPUs without causing lag.
 Improved lighting of see-through surfaces (eg. grills/fences/banners) so that they blend in better with what's around them.
 Effects such as flames/sparks/blood/etc are now visible through translucent water/windows.
 Shadows are shaded instead of pitch-black.
 Game state data is compressed instead of dropped when it would otherwise be too large to send.
 Downloads are compressed for greater speed and lower bandwidth usage.
 Non-US keyboard layouts are supported for text input, and the cursor can be moved to modify the entered text.
 The mouse wheel can be used to scroll the console.
 Key binds are retained for each mod.
 Screenshots can be saved in JPEG format. The filename is also displayed.
 New lasers for instagib mode, including support for different colors.

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