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Monkey Harris has released version5 of his Kingpin patch.The Monkey Harris patch has heaps of fixes and improvements, including custom scree...


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Monkey Harris has released version5 of his Kingpin patch.

The Monkey Harris patch has heaps of fixes and improvements, including custom screen resolutions, several download tweaks, console and hud fixes, and it downloads a list of the current Kingpin game servers and adds them to your 'Join Network Server' menu. Plus several other fixes.

 Most of the fixes are automatic but if you want to set a custom resolution, turn vsync off, set max FPS, and a few others just click on the patchcfg.exe file to open it and set your preferences.

 Just read the patch.txt file for comprehensive information about the patch.

 Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.

A summary of the new features in ver5:-

 * All available resolutions are now included in the video mode option in the visuals menu, so you don't need to use the config app to access them.

 * Custom resolutions are possible by dragging the window edges and also with a new "vid_size" cvar.

 * Fullscreen mode can be set to always use the native resolution.

 * The graphics system is no longer reinitialized every time a setting is changed in the visuals menu. Changes can also be applied quicker by just pressing enter instead of using the "apply changes" option.

 * Small text HUD items (eg. "time left") and centered text messages use the hi-res font (like in the console).

 * The size of HUD items (and centered text messages) can be adjusted via a new option in the visuals menu.

 * Centered text message are not logged any more, to stop the overlay and chat text areas being cleared whenever a centered text message is shown.

 * Up to 30 crosshairs can be installed. The selected crosshair is also shown alongside in the options menu.

 * Health-based crosshair color options.

 * Sound files are loaded asynchronously (in the background) to prevent the game stuttering when Kingpin is installed on a slow drive.

 * Custom model sounds are supported (but not downloaded from servers).
 Some of Hypo's recent model updates have included sounds.

 * Custom player model extras (hats/cigars/etc) are downloaded from servers.

 * Binds are reloaded from the main config whenever changing mod so that mod-specific binds don't affect other mods.

 * F12 can be set to ask for confirmation before quitting.

 * Alt-tab works now.

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Version: 5.0.0

Released: 15th March 2019 8:20am

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