Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch Ver8

Monkey Harris has released version8 of his Kingpin patch.This is a patch for Kingpin that fixes a number of bugs, allows custom screen resol...


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Monkey Harris has released version8 of his Kingpin patch.

This is a patch for Kingpin that fixes a number of bugs, allows custom screen resolutions, speeds up downloads from Kingpin servers, includes console and hud fixes, adds a list of the current Kingpin game servers to your 'Join Network Server' menu and adds some other improvements too.

Most of the fixes are automatic but if you want to set a custom resolution, turn vsync off, set max FPS and a few others just click on the patchcfg.exe file to open it and set your preferences.

Read the patch.txt file for comprehensive information about the patch.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.

No files are modified by the patch, so it works with all Kingpin (v1.21) releases, including the Steam version. The WSOCK32.DLL file is the patch that gets loaded by Kingpin and PATCHCFG.EXE is a
configuration app for the patch. Both files should be put in your Kingpin

If you have Kingpin installed under "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)"
then you may need to run PATCHCFG.EXE as administrator (right-click on it) for
it to be able to write the patch's PATCH.CFG config file.

A summary of the new features in version8 :-

Adds a raw mouse input mode that bypasses Windows' mouse motion processing.

Adds a hybrid directional lighting mode that combines the map's lightmap
with the normal "junior" lighting to prevent too dark shading of
players/NPCs in areas of the map that are bright. The directional
lighting option has also been moved to the visuals menu.

Fixes dynamic lights (eg. muzzle flashes and explosions) so that they
light up players/NPCs properly when directional lighting is enabled.

Limits surface charring (eg. from explosions and flames) to 75% to avoid
the map becoming pitch black. Charring also no longer affects the
lighting of players/NPCs or items except for props.

Adds the option to associate DM2 demo files with Kingpin, so that they
can be played from Windows Explorer.

Fixes jerky demo playback (particularly during fast movement).

Adds demo rewinding (by scrolling the mouse wheel back).

Adds the option of pausing a demo at the end instead of unloading it.

Fixes several flamethrower issues, including the visibility of flames in

Improves word wrapping of chat text.

Extends the "redownload" command to also cover maps when there is a
version conflict with the server.

Improves download speeds on connections with packetloss.

Adds a fix for Kingpin not loading properly the first time after booting
on Windows 7.

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Version: 1.0.0

Released: 22nd January 2021 12:36am

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