Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch ver9



Monkey Harris has released version 9 of his unofficial Kingpin patch. 

The Monkey Harris patch has many fixes and improvements, including custom screen resolutions, several download tweaks, console and hud fixes, and it downloads a list of the current Kingpin game servers and it adds them to your 'Join Network Server' menu. Plus several other fixes.

Most of the fixes are automatic but if you want to set a custom resolution, turn vsync off, set max FPS and a few others just click on the patchcfg.exe file to open it and set your preferences.

Just read the patch.txt file for comprehensive information about the patch.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder. 

A summary of the new features:-

Asynchronous frame and physics/network updates, which allows higher frame rates to be used without breaking movement and flooding servers. There's an FPS limit option in the "visuals" menu to set the frame rate.

When the fire button is pressed, that is sent to the server immediately rather than waiting for the next scheduled packet.

A bright team skins option (enabled by default), which uses bright white lighting on players in team game modes to make it easier to distinguish between the teams.

The FPS display includes the maximum time taken to render a frame during the last second, which can be useful to check for input lag.

Screenshots can be set in the "options" menu to include the map's name instead of "kingpin" in the filename.

The console and chat text can be excluded from screenshots ("screenshot nomsg" command).

The skybox is drawn at a further distance from the player to allow large open space maps to be fully visible.

When the gun is visible with a high "fov" setting, it will be drawn with a lower FOV than the rest of the view to prevent it appearing to be floating in front of the player.

Crosshair transparency can be set with a new "crosshairalpha" cvar.
File packets that are received in the wrong order during a download will still be used to avoid having to re-request them from the server.

CPU usage can be lowered in the "options" menu (lets the CPU rest between frames).

The "cl_stats" output now includes the number of sprites.

Close and minimize buttons are included in the window title bar.
The resolution and FPS limit options have been removed from PATCHCFG (use the in-game "visuals" menu options instead).


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