Orbital Sanctum Single Player Mission



Jerry has released his single player mission for Kingpin called Orbital Sanctum.

Jerry's summary of the mission:-

A custom campaign for Kingpin: Life of Crime designed by Max "Jerry" Raffa, using all hand-drawn textures and brand-new levels set on the RV-308. 20 years after the events of the original game Thug unveils the Research Vessel 308, constructed using secret blueprints left behind by the late Moker. His son Moker Jr. has been appointed as the captain of the orbital cruiser, though lately his crew have been causing trouble for other passengers. Find out what he wants, clean up any revolting individuals and get back to Earth alive.

Check the readme in the zipfile for more info.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations (kingpin/orbital).


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