Sanctuary is the fifth and final episode of a five part single player series for Kingpin made by Wheelbarrow.

The story: Here you are at Grand Central Station at midnight,the biggest train station you've ever seen, with only bums and whores wandering around at this time of night to keep you company.But you are so intent on getting on that train, you fail to notice the pin-stripes lurking around the station....or that nobody else appears to have gotten on the same train that you're taking. It's not over yet....

Check the santuary1 readme for much more detailed information and hints.

Wheelbarrow made a story that spreads over five episodes.
The order in which to play them is Funeral, The Chase, Gulag, Reprisal and Sanctuary.

All five episodes are hosted here at Gamefront.

Each episode is stand alone but all five mappacks continue the same story. It starts with the first pack The Funeral where you are attending the funeral of a rival gang boss. The following packs you are pitted gainst a gang that basically wants you dead and it culminates with a showdown in a large military base in Sanctuary.

Installing & Loading : Unzip the files into your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

Create a desktop shortcut for Kingpin and then add the following:-

+set developer 1 + skill 1 +map intro

skill can be 0 = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard


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