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2 years ago by MrDamage

The Chase is the second episode of a five part single player series for Kingpin made by Wheelbarrow.

The Story : This map-pak follows on from where the first pak finished. You have followed the head dude down thru the escape tunnel in his kitchen, and find yourself standing in an underground passage, directly below the hatch. Follow the trail of henchmen from his underground boat-house, to the bunkers of an old disused military base, where you'll hopefully have your revenge.

P.S. >>>>>> If you come across a gate that doesn't open and it ain't locked, (i.e. you can't rattle the door - on any gate/door with bars, make sure the cursor is ON one of the bars or some solid part of the door) it will have a metal lock on one side of the gate...shoot the lock to gain entry...If it is a normal door that won't open, then there is either a button to activate it somewhere nearby, or one of the actors in the game will open it, provided you don't kill 'em before they get to the door. If you do, there will be an alternate way to gain entry into the room the door gives access to. And if none of the above seem to apply, then it don't open :) Enjoy!!

Hint1: Make your way to the floating pontoon behind the boathouse when you exit the escape tunnel..after u get your goodies, look for a switch to open the small underwater gate. Watch out for the shooter in the boat behind the big set of gates! (yea, his boats' got a leak, that's why you can hear water sloshing around..heheheheh)

Hint2: There are 2 ways to end this map-pak...I suggest shooting at the bottom of the tall stack of's a lot more fun, and you can take your time:)

Wheelbarrow made a story that spreads over five episodes. The order in which to play them is Funeral, The Chase, Gulag, Reprisal and Sanctuary.

Each episode is stand alone but all five mappacks continue the same story. It starts with the first pack The Funeral where you are attending the funeral of a rival gang boss. The following packs you are pitted gainst a gang that basically wants you dead and it culminates with a showdown in a large military base in Sanctuary.

Installing & Loading : Unzip the file into your Kingpin/main/maps directory.

Create a desktop shortcut for Kingpin and then add the following:-

+set developer 1 + skill 1 +map escape

skill can be 0 = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard.

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