The funeral

A single player map with five levels


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A single player map with five levels

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2 years ago by MrDamage

The Funeral is the first episode of a five part single player series for Kingpin made by Wheelbarrow.

The Story : You have been invited to the funeral of an enemy boss...figuring it's the right thing to do, you make a point of attending, but soon after your arrival, you start having second thoughts.....Fortunately, you had the foresight to have one of you lackeys plant a small firearm in the entrance foyer of the church...checkout the water before you go in for the early morning service...Good Luck!

This pak is all about gang warfare, so don't expect to talk much....if it moves, kill it, before it kills you. A good example of this is the opening map.. if you walk into church with your piece drawn, you will die. If you mess with the body on the slab, you will die. There is no new scripting (I wish), so it's up to you to figure out how to get thru the crowded sections alive. (lots of shooting!!)The ultimate goal is to make it to the head-honcho's suburban home, and make things right....

* One more note: Most of this pak is about 'close quarters' combat, i.e. moving from room to room, in different locations. If this isn't your forte, don't be shy, give the damn pak a go may be surprised.

Wheelbarrow made a story that spreads over five episodes. The order in which to play them is Funeral, The Chase, Gulag, Reprisal and Sanctuary.

Each episode is stand alone but all five mappacks continue the same story. It starts with the first pack The Funeral where you are attending the funeral of a rival gang boss. The following packs you are pitted gainst a gang that basically wants you dead and it culminates with a showdown in a large military base in Sanctuary.

Installing & Loading : Unzip the file into your Kingpin/main/maps directory.

Create a desktop shortcut for Kingpin and then add the following:-

+set developer 1 + skill 1 +map church

skill can be 0 = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard.

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