Knights of Honor v1.05 Patch

The latest official patch for Knights of Honor.


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The latest official patch for Knights of Honor.

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Download 'KoH_Patch_105_GER_UK_FRA.exe' (17.38MB)

About This Version (1.05)

Version: 1.05

Released: 6th February 2019 10:20am

Attention modders!

NEW: Many AI tweaks are now available in: defs\difficulty.in2 and defs\globals.in2 ([AI] section).


FIX: AI marshals now recruit siege squads.

FIX: AI now imports exotic goods if it can afford them, so it can gain access to kingdom advantages.

FIX: AI squad-buying code is reworked. Now AI marshals hire more mercenaries and more often disband weaker units to free slots for stronger ones.

NOTE: Crusader armies dont recruit new squads by design. Their existing squads are periodically refilled (the period is tweakable).

FIX: AI now uses the correct (read: higher) caps for the number of the invading armies when attacking the player at normal and hard difficulties.

FIX: AI now requires its armies to be fuller when sending them to invade or defend provinces. The exact threshold values are tweakable.

FIX: Fixed an issue with the morale of Byzantine armies.

FIX: AI marshals that are returning defeated (with few soldiers left) from a conquest no longer try to attack enemy armies on their way to the homeland (but may still decide to reinforce a battle).

FIX: Fixed a glitch that sometimes caused sailing AI armies to get stuck at sea.

FIX: Camping/fortified AI marshals now consider reinforcing nearby battles.

New features

NEW: As the players kingdom grows, neighbouring AI kingdoms now get more hostile to the player and friendlier to their other neighbours (tweakable).

NEW: Mercenary camps are now visible on the minimap (light grey squares with a black dot in the middle).

NEW: When building town improvements, entries with unsatisfied requirements other than gold are now shown in red (instead of being darkened). A darkened item now means that the only unsatisfied requirement for building it is gold (such items werent marked at all until now).

NEW: Added tweaks for modifying AIs and players gold income. The default values in the data files are:

o for the player: 100% at all difficulty levels

o for the AI – 100%, 125% and 150% for easy, normal, and hard respectively

NOTE: The change is not visible through the interface, it affects directly what is added to the treasury.

NEW: Reuniting events now may define the titles in the resulting country (for the ruler, the rulers wife, the knights and the country itself).

NEW: Top five most powerful AI kingdoms have defence bonus when fighting on their own territory.


CHANGE: Increased reinforce radius for AI armies.

CHANGE: AI marshals no more blindly chase an enemy army into a castle but give themselves a chance to reconsider.

CHANGE: Reduced the income from traders. If a trader from kingdom A trades with kingdom B, the new rules that apply are as follows.

o Trade goods and exotic goods owned by A but not B no more affect profits.

o It is no longer the sum of all of B's towns levels but the average town level, that gets added to the profit.

o Markets and merchant guilds of B now affect the profit more.

o Silk Route kingdom advantage still doubles the profits as before.

o All traders now receive a fixed bonus of 10 gold (by default). It is applied before applying the traders level.

o The influence of a traders level over his profit is now greater.

CHANGE: Lowered the direct gold income from the kings economy skill.

CHANGE: Increased gold bonus of merchants guilds.

CHANGE: Decreased the ranges of longbow men and ballistae.

CHANGE: Increased the ranges of crossbow men and heavy crossbow men.

CHANGE: Slightly decreased the base chance to hit value for all bow/crossbow units.

CHANGE: Decreased bonuses from Ballistics skill.

CHANGE: No friendly fire marshal ability (Archer master, 3rd level) no longer eliminates losses from friendly fire but instead halves them.

CHANGE: Colouring of religions in the political map has been improved.

CHANGE: The icons of available princes/princesses are now shown together with the royal wedding icons in the political map.

CHANGE: Changed the priority calculation for the reinforce battle action of AI marshals and made it tweakable. Priority for reinforcing a battle at a castle has an additional weight bonus (also tweakable).

CHANGE: Night march morale penalty for armies is removed.

CHANGE: AI now also appoints family members as knights.

CHANGE: The starting cost and activation time of importing goods have been reduced.

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