Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Engage in this saga set in the Golden Age of the Republic - over 4,000 years before the first Star Wars film, when both Jedi and Sith number in the thousands. With the Galaxy reeling from a recent con...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Wearable Juhani Clothing 1.6MB 64
The Romancing of Bastila 83KB 187
K1 Healing Items 335KB 66
Soul Calibur 2.86MB 151
Bendak Reskin + Assault Armor 1.62MB 127
Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge Trailer 11.54MB 327
HK-47 - Assassin Droid 370KB 332
Darth Bandon's Robe and Sith Master Armor 1.31MB 290
Renae Kauvo 2.47MB 79
HK-47 Skin and Portrait Pack 1.85MB 90
Juhani Cathar Head 183KB 153
HK-47 Skin Pack 1.82MB 79
Juhani Reskin 1.12MB 143
K1 Republic Admiral Uniforms mod 2.52MB 115
Davik as PC 1.35MB 117
Darth Bandon Style Clothing 2.34MB 325
K1 Robe Stat Boost 12KB 256
Bodies Stay [K1] 253KB 888
PC-Republic 344KB 336
Rebel Soldier 1.07MB 213
Sleheyron Demo 2.38MB 493
New Exar Kun DoubleSaber Hilt 342KB 236
Teaser of Bastila's Clothing Variant 4.82MB 203
Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge Gameplay Scene 43.47MB 459
Wearable Juhani Clothing 2.21MB 115
Darker Dark Side Juhani 1.08MB 204
K1 Utility Armbands 359KB 274
New Exar Kun DoubleSaber Hilt 130KB 116
Czerka Clothing Fix 124KB 193
Wearable Juhani Clothing 2.21MB 90
Male Jedi Robe Replacement 1.33MB 398
Sith Empire Launcher 1.1MB 44
Chadra Fan 248KB 106
K1 Force Pack 628KB 1569
Purple Mission Reskin 524KB 159
Scout Clothing Reskin 388KB 128
Bastila's Jedi Robe Variants 1.03MB 239
PMHA4 Replacement 324KB 116
K1 Force Pack 783KB 481
Hide The Weapons 4KB 494
Umbrella Corp ZX-170 4KB 65
Jedi Fight Training 366KB 1183
The Lost Apprentice 1.23MB 423
Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge Teaser Trailer 3 16.83MB 738
Republic Clothing 246KB 292
Bastila's Sith Eyes (Dark Side Transitions) 289KB 367
Jedi Battle Champion Robes 660KB 185
Santa Robes 522KB 76
Playable Rattataki 16.27MB 580
Revan - Jedi Knight Robes 1.09MB 2695