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Though I’m proud to serve you as your site manager, I am concerned about the growing needs of people always coming to me for their problems. I’m getting countless emails, PM’s at Holowan Labs and YouTube about all sorts of questions and problems people are having. I’m getting annoyed by some of the requests and concerns. There are other things I would like to see different around here so this place is a better site.

Request #1: I’m am not technical support for other people’s mods. If you have a problem with a mod, you go to the author, not me. Reason being is because the author of the mod made it, not me. They would know the mod way better than me since they made it. I can’t count how many times people decide to come to me when they have a problem with someone else’s mod. The most common mod people are asking me support for is Silveredge9’s Brotherhood of Shadow mod. If I had a nickel for every time someone came to me to for help with that mod, I’d be richer than Bill Gates. There are other mods people commonly ask me about like Inyri Forge’s Recruitable Kay, Deathdisco’s Coruscant, DStoney’s M4-78, Archer’s HK Factor and others from time to time. The only mod support you should be asking me about is my own mods and that’s it.

Request #2: Read the mod’s readme files. This is again one of those situations where if I had a nickel for every time someone decided to try to install a mod and something gets messed up and came to the comment section angry because they were too lazy to read the readme file, I again would be richer than Bill Gates. It seems to me that people are very patient, but very lazy because they rather ask and wait to get an answer than actually make an effort to find it.

Readmes are there for a reason people. They’re not written to be ignored. In a way you’re insulting the author by not reading it. I feel insulted when I realize you didn’t read mine, so how do you think other authors feel. If it’s too much to read, then don’t complain about your mod being a problem if you haven’t read it, or don’t play with mods at all. The only concern about this part of this concern is that if you’re not reading the readmes, you probably opened this and saw the length of the news item and clicked the webpage back and will continue to do what you usually do. It’s really sad.

Request #3: Leave the author feedback. While there are some great mods that get plenty of feedback, I’m seen so many good mods that don’t get much feedback while the download count grows rapidly. Then there are some of you that will only say something if they don’t like a mod or something about it. Giving criticism is one thing, but if that is all you do, you can come off as a negative jerk. Show some support for when you see someone do a good job also so you don’t have a reputation of being so negative. There’s an old saying that for every negative comment you make, you have to make ten positive ones to make up for the one negative one.

It’s also okay to give criticism, but try to do it in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re saying it just to be mean. Don’t say something like, “This sucks.†It’s insulting. Trying saying something like, “What would make this mod better would be…†That way you sound helpful. I’m seen some modders when they’re new release beginner like mods and because the community was nice to ‘em, I saw them become great modders in the future. Anybody can be great if they’re patient enough and we get enough positive criticism.

There are a lot of you that come, download a mod, and run. I’m starting to see more of that lately. Show some thanks for the effort an author put in. If you really like the mod, you can really encourage authors by saying something like a simple, “Good jobâ€, “Thanks for making thisâ€, “I look forward to seeing what you come up with next†type comments. It takes little effort, yet it will mean a lot to the authors. This is the only reward authors get when they get feedback. Remember the authors make a lot of effort to make mods and give them out to share; the least you can do is give some effort back so you don’t seem like a mod leach. If you like what they did and want to see more from them, complimenting an author will help increase the chances of them making something else to share with you.

If you were to make a mod, wouldn’t you want to hear some appreciation? Treat others how you want to be treated and this site will improve; I promise you. Doing something that takes little effort make a huge difference.


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