April 11 Poll Results

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What was Jedi Revan's lightsaber color?

Blue 36.8% (666)

Purple 23.2% (420)

Cyan 16.9% (306)

Green 11.9% (217)

Orange 7.3% (133)

Yellow 3.7% (67)

Total: 1809
Start: 04-04-2008 13:06
Last: 04-11-2008 09:32

 #1 - Just a Note!!! - Posted by: JediShemL (Staff) on 04-04-2008 at 13:08
I left out the colors that were only in TSL since I don't think Revan would have used them and red since it is a Sith color. Besides, six colors is enough. ;)

 #2 - Purple - Posted by: Salazara (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 13:23
Strangely I would have to say purple.Most likely because on the cinematic battle between Bastila Shan and Darth Revan,Darth Revan has a full sized purple lightsaber.

 #3 - Posted by: JediShemL (Staff) on 04-04-2008 at 13:40
[quote]Strangely I would have to say purple.Most likely because on the cinematic battle between Bastila Shan and Darth Revan,Darth Revan has a full sized purple lightsaber.[/quote]FIRST: [b]Re-read[/b] the title of the poll very slowly and carefully. SECOND: You seriously need to watch that video you referred to again.

 #4 - Posted by: Indiana_Revan77 (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 14:15
I would say blue, because you see with a blue saber in Shadows and Light. But personally, I use a purple and red lightsaber. :p

 #5 - Posted by: B3n (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 14:19
Personally, I thought cyan would be good because it's rare and not too wacked out like some other colors.

 #6 - Posted by: Revan91 (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 14:27
Probably green, but nobody knows for sure do they?

 #7 - Posted by: JediShemL (Staff) on 04-04-2008 at 14:45
[quote]but nobody knows for sure do they?[/quote]Which is how this poll was inspired. ;)

 #8 - purple - Posted by: Moosk93 (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 15:19
i would say purple cuz i seen alot of pics with him holding a red and purple lightsaber. So I would assume that the purple one is his jedi one.

 #9 - Posted by: InyriForge (Staff) on 04-04-2008 at 15:22
I've never seen any pictures of Revan holding a purple lightsaber. Wasn't it Malak who was seen with one at one point (not sure on that)?

 #10 - Posted by: DarthSidious3000 (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 15:34
I'd say purple. When you fight his avatar in Ludo Kressh's tomb he has red and purple. Red's obviously out in this case. I just think purple suits his background more.

 #11 - Posted by: Omega_007 (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 16:59
I think Jedi Revan's lightsaber was purple, personally; the main reason being that on becoming a Sith he wouldn't just chuck away a lightsaber unless he had good reason to, and this brings us to the set of apparitions on Korriban where Revan is seen with two lightsabers, one red, the other...purple.

 #12 - Posted by: eXanX (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 17:45
Blue. And I hate non-standerd colors with purple included. And I don't think green suits Revan well, so the only choice is blue.

 #13 - Posted by: Loco_Modder (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 18:02
Revan was better with the force than fighting, meaning he probably began as a Consular, therefore... green. But purple also seems like a very logical choice judging from people's reasons.

 #14 - For those who say Red=no Jedi - Posted by: DarthSidious3000 (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 18:32
While I'm on the subject, Revan could be one of the rare types who use red. Only suggesting this since the only color I ever see Revan with besides purple is Red.

 #15 - Purple - Posted by: SSj4DarthMagus (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 20:46
I think the Jedi Revan lightsaber color is purple because what we see during the exile test in the Ludo Kressh's tomb is what the Exile see in his/her past,. when he fight Revan one of his two lightsaber were purple :rock::cool:

 #16 - Posted by: Darth_andorMaster_Venaris (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 21:42
I'd say Cyan, since I use the Mantle of the Force (and Heart of the Guradian) Crystal. Besides, you see too much blue in Star Wars. Only three good guys haven't used it in the movies, Yoda, Qui-gon and Mace. Cyan, sure it's still blue, but it's unique!

 #17 - Posted by: Giga_Hertz (Member) on 04-04-2008 at 22:25
If you're going to be an old person with not much regard for the EU, it would be either Blue or Red. Blue in this situation. ;)

 #18 - Posted by: jedijax (Member) on 04-05-2008 at 00:06
If we stick to traditional Jedi lore and training of the Ancient Era, it would definitely be blue, since Revan's psyche and militar prowess hint at a Jedi Guardian selection. The purple crystal theory would be valid only after becoming a padawan, since it is suggested the prime three classes are strict in their blade colours up to this point. Besides, it has been mentioned in several media purple bladed lightsabers weren't that common; even during the Clone Wars Era Mace Windu's saber was a rare sight. Of course, it is posible in the KOTOR timeline such crystals were easier to get, but aside from in-game personal selections, there are not many references to purple lightsabers, if any, at all.

 #19 - Posted by: Razgriz1928 (Member) on 04-05-2008 at 06:02
I think its not blue because blue was something that everyone had and revan probably wanted to be an "individual":D

 #20 - Posted by: Salzella (Member) on 04-05-2008 at 06:55
green, because i'm a jacen solo nut :p

 #21 - Posted by: Drunkside (Member) on 04-05-2008 at 08:56
Hmm I wouldve said orange or yellow... Dont know why, maybe couse i use them myself and like them the most... But it seems that other people dont:p

 #22 - Posted by: Anakin12 (Member) on 04-05-2008 at 12:08
Lightsaber 1:Blue Lightsaber 2:Green He has Dual Sabers

 #23 - Posted by: SpaceAlex (Member) on 04-05-2008 at 16:01
Cyan, because it's one of my favourite colors. :p

 #24 - Posted by: Meawir (Member) on 04-06-2008 at 07:38
Aw, it's blue yeah.. Just went like "that's purple, 'cos I think it's in a scene when he fights Bastila" or something like it... So, one mis-placed vote from me, anyways, if I'm right cyan is the most powerful saber-crystal... Not sure but i think.. Or rather like, dark cyan I think it is. Or light xD

 #25 - Posted by: JCarter426 (Member) on 04-07-2008 at 06:47
Blue. No reason, not one I can explain, anyway. I don't consider Revan to be a Guardian (I always pictured him as a Sentinel), nor am I thinking of the 'Shadows and Light' vision (because that was more likely the Mantle of the Force crystal). I just can't explain it. *shrugs*

 #26 - Posted by: DarthRevan243 (Member) on 04-07-2008 at 07:19
Id go for purple because in the kotor comics, revan had a cyan lightsaber. And because it looks better than all the other colours

 #27 - Posted by: JCarter426 (Member) on 04-07-2008 at 19:10
Revan doesn't have a cyan lightsaber in the comics.

 #28 - Green - Posted by: SirDMG (Member) on 04-08-2008 at 00:02
My only reason is for this is that I always play Consular :rock:

 #29 - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 04-08-2008 at 13:01
I think that he... -wields a green blade when he is a Jedi, cause he is master of persuasion and the battle was the last resort for him. -red, when sith. -cyan when redeemed.

 #30 - Umm... - Posted by: INFECTEDHAMPSTER15 (Member) on 04-09-2008 at 22:31
I voted blue, but I definantly agree with the purple theory. There is some basis for blue though too.

 #31 - Posted by: d_apocalypse (Member) on 04-11-2008 at 08:36
as a padawan a blue saber, as in he's a guardian, in knighthood definitely purple

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