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Christmas is close to us once again and I would like to keep the tradition I started since I have been the site’s manager and that is some Christmas type PotD’s. Also feel free to send in some Hanukkah type pictures if you celebrate that holiday as well if you’re in the mood in making one for the Jewish holiday. If anybody does, I will be sure to post it on December 22, the day of Hanukkah this year.

If you need help with finding mods that bring in the Christmas spirit in a PotD you would like to make, here is a list of Christmas mods that I can think of off the top of my head:

Inyri Forge’s Santa Hats:;73915

Inyri Forge’s Candy Canes:;85260

Joris’ Christmas Mod:;53479

Svosh and T7nowhere’s Cheesy K1 Christmas Pack:

Svosh and T7nowhere’s Cheesy TSL Christmas Pack:

Feel free to be creative in what you would like to do. Also feel free to post ideas of a PotD you would like to see made if you don’t have the ability to do. It could help someone who has the talent to do it, but can’t think of any ideas of what to do.

Fan art is also encouraged if you have talent in that. If any of you have some artistic talent, I would love to have you send some in as I’m sure others out there would feel the same too.

You’re more than welcome to send in multiple submissions, especially if you have multiple ideas you want to try out.

Once you’re done, can you send your PotD here:

Make sure you go over the guidelines as pictures shouldn’t be larger than 1024x768 and 400 KB’s. Please do not send any in that are smaller than 800x600 if possible. It will help win my favor if the pictures are either 1024x768 or 800x600 sized format.

My two favorite ones will be posted on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; others will be posted on other days close to Christmas. Depending on how many come in is how many will be posted. I would like to start posting them starting on December 20. We had a good turnout last year and I’m hoping for the same again this holiday season. Have fun! :D


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