Darth Balor Came Back and Tried to Fool Us as Pikmin

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Does anybody remember the Darth Balor incidents? Here’s a recap of his attempts at plagiarism: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/news/Regarding_Recent_Plagiarism_and_Team_Exile_at_KotorFiles;36352 We forgave him: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/news/Team_Exile_is_Welcomed_Back_to_FileFront;36668 He messed up again: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/news/Team_Exile_is_Not_Welcomed_at_FileFront_Again;37146 The last link where it was exposed he committed plagiarism again was on February 1, 2008. Did you guys know he didn’t go away? Guess what? Four days later he created a new identity by the name of Pikmin. He later released some restoration work on based on the recording of the Exile’s “exile” in TSL on February 11, 2008. Little did we know that Balor had snuck back into the community as Pikmin. I was like many of you that we thought he would go away and that would be the end of him. How wrong we were. During 2008, after Balor created his new identity, he released four mods and three of them were based on TSL restoration work with his last mod release as Pikmin on August 15, 2008. In the meantime he started up the TSLCR (TSL Content Restoration) team to replace the dismantling of Team Exile and their K2RP claiming to take up what Balor left behind. You see, Balor posted his work with the K2RP and left it in the hands of modders to use as they wish. Then he created an alter ego and took on the project while pretending to be another person doing it. It was always his plan to do that once his name was permanently tarnished and Team Exile broke up. The problem with Balor is that he failed to realize that he did this to himself. But instead of blaming himself for his shame, he blames me. Though I didn’t catch all of his plagiarism attempts, I was the one who was stuck to make the decision on what to do with him since I’m the manager of this site. The thing I hate most doing this job is the policing I have to do. Then I have to be the judge and jury on many decisions. Though I do counsel with staff members, the decision is ultimately up to me. So yes, I have to be the bad guy and that was the case with Balor. In life when you play the bad guy, people like Balor who refuse to learn and take responsibility for their actions will blame you for it. It’s a shame really because he is such a talented modder and I had high hopes for his K2RP project. What he doesn’t realize is how hard it was for me to have to do what I did to him and in a way he betrayed my trust along with the whole community. The problem was he liked to take shortcuts at the expense of others. He looked at it why do the work when someone else has already done it. Then there was the other problem – his massive ego. To ask someone else to use their work in your mod does require some humility. For some that’s easy to do, but for others it isn’t. To Balor, it looked better if it looked like he did it himself as to him it was better if you thought he did all the work. The sad thing is he could have done it himself, but he decided it was easier to use work that has already been done and wanted us to believe he did it himself. The bottom line is that keeping the KOTOR community honest is a sure way to keep it in tact and you modders out there put your trust into us to keep your work safe from plagiarism. If you enjoy this community, keeping it honest is very important and it starts with respect if it is going to survive. That’s the reason why after six years people still mod this game. Unfortunately we have some people here who don’t care about that. They only care about themselves and personal glory they can get even if it is at the expense of others. The thing that should hurt those out there who are Christians is his false apology he gave when my staff and I were deciding whether or not to let Team Exile back to KotorFiles. He apologized in the name of Christ which later led to him being welcomed back after he served his ban time which was reduced. Then he later committed plagiarism again showing us that he didn’t mean what he said. He played us. Later on in 2008, Balor decided to go after me personally for revenge. He decided to create these new usernames starting with the Darth Beard series. Some of the names were Darth BlackBeard, Darth RedBeard, Darth PurpleBeard, Darth YellowBeard, etc. He used those names to not only attack me personally, but to also verbally attack other members on this site in the PotD section on a daily basis as some of you may remember that were there when it was happening. He was able to pull this off by creating proxy IP addresses. He later resorted to using usernames to insult me while still saying harassing things not only about me, but others again. The reason why it went on as long as it did was because I was in the process of moving my family and that was a long move. That led to others on my staff and some FileFront network admins to have to deal with him since I wasn’t around to see most of the insults. When I got settled in and got my internet connection back, I went to work in solving who this guy was. What Balor doesn’t realize is that even though he created proxy IP addresses to harass me, you still leave a trail and we have the means to follow that trail. It led me to his username of Pikmin. I did recall the name, but that was it. I couldn’t remember why either as I forgot he released mods. That’s what happens when you you’re me and you have reviewed nearly 870 mods and have someone who hadn’t done much. But I did remember seeing his name around the community that year. Anyway, I perma-banned his username and all of his sock accounts. I figured that was the end of it and I didn’t know at the time he was Balor. I also didn’t realize it at the time that he was using that name at LucasForums too making people think he was this talented modder that was new to the community. It was recently I got an email from Jonathan7 (J7), and that Pikmin was wondering why he was banned from FileFront. What is ironic about J7 is that he was a former member of Team Exile. Anyway, I forgot about Pikmin and looked up his ban record which reminded me of who he was and then showed J7 the information and told him that he should know why he’s banned. Apparently he hadn’t signed in his Pikmin username since before he decided to go after me and other users here. The reason why he wanted access to his username is to upload another mod. Because he couldn’t, he posted it on his website instead and announced it at Holowan Labs. It was then I realized who he was as a modder and I had reviewed some of his work. I was puzzled that someone with the modding knowledge of his would go after me like he did. So I double-checked the investigation on how I traced his name to the harassing names and there was no doubt he did it. It didn’t make sense to me. The thing was it didn’t make sense to my other staff members as well. Why would someone who is capable of doing so much going after someone like me? So with the help of Jonathan7, Marius Fett, and Darth InSidious, we were able to trace the username Pikmin to Darth Balor. Most of the credit belongs to Marius Fett as he did most of the work and it was his hunch that they were the same person that this all got started. We finally got the evidence we needed before we could bring this to the public. Despite how careful Balor tried to be, he needs to realize that there are some things out there that he can’t hide from. We have the means as staff members to do some tracking. Just like how anti-virus software is out there because of the jerks who create computer viruses. We have to protect this site from trolls and that means sometimes we have to do investigations and in order to do that, we have to have the means to make those proper investigations. Once we did all that, everything started to make sense; his work on restoration projects, making a new team and his vendetta against me. What he doesn’t understand is that I never hated him like he hates me. I just felt sorry for him. Anyway, I have seen some interesting comments about Balor from others, especially those who used to work with him on Team Exile that I would be breaking TOS if I repeated it. You know, if he hadn’t given in his hatred for me, he wouldn’t have taken the time to harass me and if he hadn’t taken the time to harass me, we would have not had a reason to investigate him. You know, he could have pulled off his plan or at least had it last longer had he not gone after me personally. That was his big mistake as it was his undoing. There is a Star Wars lesson to be learned here if you think about it. ;) So here is what’s going to happen as a result of these revelations. See before, all of Balor’s work that wasn’t linked to plagiarism was still on this site. The reason for that is because it was considered to be honest work. Well, that is not going to be the case anymore. Any work he has done as Balor and Pikmin is no longer on this site (a total of 9 mods deleted). We’re wiping it clean from his guy and he has nobody to blame but himself for this. Unfortunately he won’t see it that way. Instead he will blame me, or others who have exposed him for his problems. He will refuse to take true responsibility for himself and his actions. And because of that, he will never in his lifetime be welcomed back here. I know a lot of people will be shocked by this, especially those who have been working close with him with his new team to do restored content for TSL. What’s worse is the shame he brought on himself again. We have learned that he will go to new lows than he did originally as Darth Balor which means he’s not becoming a better person, he’s becoming a worse one. It’s really sad when you think about it. Anyway, please, feel free to express your feelings on this matter, even if you're angry. In fact, express your anger if you have it, but make sure you stay within TOS (terms of service) while doing so. Thanks! -Shem

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