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There has been a lot of talk recently about the freedom to express their opinion. It’s true, you can. However, there is also rules on this site. One of those rules are against insulting someone. There are many ways you can insult people or be insulting. Recently we had a user who bluntly said that a picture “sucks†at the PotD area. I wrote a message to encourage the user to use a better choice of words. He comes back and in a sarcastic way that the picture “blows†and asks if that was better. Again, I snipped the comment and reported to the user that wasn’t better. It was obvious the user had no intention in correcting this habit and was trying just to do what he wanted and mock authority. Later on with another picture, this user decided that he could just talk in an insulting way again. I knew there was nothing else I could do to encourage the user to change his habits. I later banned the user in hopes that he would learn that this isn’t acceptable so when he comes back, he will be different. He evaded his ban, commented with a sarcastic remark with was mocking my authority around here and now is serving a long hard ban. It all started with attitude people and you choose your attitude. If you make the wrong choice, there will be consequences.

Saying a picture, mod, etc, “sucks†or “blows†is very insulting to the author. It’s so disrespectful and a disruption. You really add a negative vibe to the site that isn’t needed. There are enough good users around here that do not like seeing that type of comments and there has been evidence of that recently. For the most part rules weren’t broken, but there were times I closed the comments for the day in the PotD to help prevent potential flames that would occur as the comments were getting heated.

Now, there is nothing wrong with disapproving with something. It’s how you say it is important. You can disapprove of something without being insulting. Many of you can do that here and it’s your right to do if you want. One skill I would encourage to learn is constructive criticism. It helps the author learn how to be better. Just insulting something isn’t helpful and it creates bad feelings and it baits a potential flame.

You have no right to insult a person even if you use the argument that you’re just “expressing your opinionâ€.

Here are two rules you need to remember:

4. No Cursing or Swear words. We encourage you to use our comment sections as a forum to debate files, news, etc., but please use proper adjectives to express yourself. We will not tolerate abuse upon another member or author.

It clearly says in the rules that you need to express yourself properly. If you can’t do it, either learn to or not comment at all. Also you need to use proper language. Even though we have a language filter, “I†can see what you wrote. You will be warned for such behavior and if you continue to do it, you will be banned.

Also remember this rule:

5. No Attacks / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members.

If someone insults you, just wait until one of us comes around and we’ll deal with it. That’s our job to handle. Believe me, we won’t tolerate it. So don't worry if someone insults you because we will back you up.

Keep in mind what it says at the bottom of the rules:

The high interactivity of this site should be considered a luxury, not a right. If you cannot follow these simple rules, you can and will be warned or banned from the comments, site or the entire network for any period of time. Now enjoy yourself and behave!

If you evade your ban by signing up a new account, you just made a big mistake. You’re looking at a site ban where you can’t even access the site anymore. That will mean you can’t look at the PotD’s anymore and you won’t have access to download mods anymore for starters. You will also have a really long ban added to it. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? You need to learn to respect the rules and people around you. If you can’t, you won’t be around here for very long. Many people have learned this lesson the hard way.

Also it’s good to check on comments you have made, especially if it’s a “heat of the moment†type comment and you gave into your strong emotion. There could be a message attached to it for your behavior warning you to change. Because one thing I do is check your comment history and notes on you on what you have done in the past if you have a behavior issue. This lets me know if I need to take that additional step in giving out a ban if a user has no intention in correcting their behavior. If you didn’t know there was a warning attached to a “out of line†comment, you may end up being surprised by a ban handed down to you later because you weren’t aware of any past warnings and there is no way for me to know if you knew or not.

Before I sign off, I have a reminder from the rules, “Now enjoy yourself and behave!â€


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