For Your Ease of Reference - the Mod Rating System in a Nutshell

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Please direct all comments on the rating system to [url=;39956]here[/url]. [b]Technical Aspects of the Ratings[/b] [b]Beginner[/b] - What the name implies. Mods in this category include .utc or .uti edits and simple reskins. [b]Basic[/b] - Mods that require moderate effort to make. Most mods into this category. They include dialogue edits, simple scripts and models, or skins that took more than a few minutes but aren't anything totally new. [b]Advanced[/b] - Like the name implies, it requires an above average knowledge of modding both games to produce something advanced. Included are brand new textures (ones you've created yourself from scratch), new areas or quests, and models that involve a fair degree of effort (which almost always accompanied by new textures). [b]Very advanced[/b] - Mod of the year material. Examples include Brotherhood of Shadow, the Ultimate Saber Mod, stoffe's combat simulation arena, recruitable Kay and the as-of-yet unreleased TSLRP (there are more, but these are good examples). While these match the criterion for advanced mods, they've clearly gone above and beyond the previous category in some way. [b]Social Aspects of the Ratings[/b] [b]Beginner[/b] - There's no shame in your first mods being given a beginner rating... we were all beginners at some point. And in any case, you should only be modding for your own satisfaction. If that comes from making a hundred .uti edits, more power to you. [b]Basic[/b] - There's nothing wrong with your mod receiving this rating, but there's nothing particularly amazing about it either. It's thoroughly average. [b]Advanced[/b] - You should feel proud and speshul inside at your mod receiving this rating! [b]Very advanced[/b] - I think this is self-explanatory. You get your own cult of personality if you make one of these!
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