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Which KOTOR Sith Lord needs a hug the most?

Darth Sion 39.9% (717)
Darth Nihilus 22.3% (401)
Darth Malak 17.5% (314)
Darth Traya 15.3% (276)
Darth Bandon 4.7% (85)
Total: 1793
Start: 06-27-2008 03:58
Last: 07-04-2008 16:03

#1 - Posted by: Drunkside (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 04:11

Sion... absolutely sion. I always felt that he is that guy no one is a friend with:p

#2 - Posted by: Tatesz (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 04:12

If you hug Sion,you only do more pain for him:D

#3 - Posted by: Saddo (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 05:44

I would hug none of them. Only Revan because of his memory problems.

#4 - Posted by: dynablade223 (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 06:29

the poor old witch that *lol no spoilerz 4 u* definently needs a hug. So much work and yet it failed.

#5 - Posted by: cap_keyes (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 06:44

i agree with drunkside, definately sion, he just screams "wont someone be my friend? :'("

#6 - Posted by: Laar_Dha (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 06:46

They are all seriously hug deprived, but Darth Bandon is like a little baby Sith Lord. The others all grew up and went through hell to get where they are. Bandon looks like he just grew up in a pissy mood; obviously short on hugs as a child.:)

#7 - Posted by: Revan91 (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 07:17

Bandon. He sucks to bad. :p

#8 - i hug malak coz - Posted by: Anjin16 (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 07:38

coz he lsot his chin . malak : i lost my chin in madalorian wars Anjin : awww hugs! but hes to tall though. 2 things u can make fun of him hey : CHinless baldie or Palm tree (im my school overheight boys call others plam tree). so i give malak a hug . as for sion his pain might go if u give him hug. (cant choose 2 so i choose malak)

#9 - sorry for mistakes heres more edited! - Posted by: Anjin16 (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 07:41

hey : Chinless baldie or Palm tree (in my school over height boys are called by normal ppl) nice poll by the way :beer:

#10 - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 07:42

Sion, because he does. :lol: Nihilus needs a burger, Malak need a real jaw, Traya needs a backstab and Bandon needs a mirror... he's a freak :lol:

#11 - Posted by: Don_Kain (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 08:18

Darth Trashcompactor. I mean come on, he can't even properly ask for a hug. And his body language is obsucured by cliche black robes too.

#12 - Posted by: MNattrass (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 08:31

Bandon, 'cause he's the worst and he knows it.

#13 - Posted by: NiRv4n4 (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 08:59

Definitely Sion as he exhibits love in the game if you are a female exile.

#14 - Posted by: GiygasUnlimited (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 09:09

Juhani! :p I mean Sion! Yeah, that was it.

#15 - Posted by: babydol (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 09:14

Sion FTW. He seems a little sweet on Fem Exile "you're beautiful to me...". Heck, he's even listed under romance sub plots if you check K2 at Wookieepedia . :lol: Seriously, though, he's pretty jacked up. I feel bad for the guy.

#16 - ***SPOILER*** - Posted by: GoldenStarkiller (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 09:46

Sion needs a huge hug i mean traya tourtured him so much he turned into that broken sith, i mean GOD who needs to be THAT good.....:(

#17 - Posted by: SpaceAlex (Member) on 06-27-2008 at 16:43

A toss between Bandon, Malak, and Sion. I voted for Malak because I thought he really needed a hug. Sion is a close second, but he only responds to a female. :D

#18 - I am the LORD OF PAIN BECAUSE: - Posted by: DrAShgod (Member) on 06-28-2008 at 00:48

I am the LORD OF PAIN BECAUSE: Traya huged me and she breaded in my face and she tried to kiss me. When she huged me, I remembered of my mother, who is now at the 9 hospital- the hospital for crazy ppl- cauze she killed ma lill' bro, so because of the hug i turned EMO. When she breaded into my face, my skin rotten and when she tried to kiss me, i cuted my b@lls...

#19 - Posted by: Tk928 (Member) on 06-28-2008 at 06:20

Sion, he needs a hug, some advil, and some surgery for that eye of his.

#20 - Posted by: JCarter426 (Staff) on 06-28-2008 at 09:43

Sion. Let's put a smile on that face! :P

#21 - Posted by: brucklorace (Member) on 06-29-2008 at 17:23

Sion. Defiantly.

#22 - Posted by: Drunkside (Member) on 06-30-2008 at 10:21

Actually all of the sith lords just need a kick to the butt(traya) or a backstab(malak, bandon)... And nihilus needs someone to teach him to speak, that mickey mouse voice still amuses me to death.....

#23 - Sion. Period. - Posted by: KotorAwesome (Member) on 06-30-2008 at 12:19

Sion. Period. :mepimp:

#24 - just needs a hug - Posted by: TheMasterPenguin (Member) on 06-30-2008 at 15:29

i dont know i think malak needs a hug... he just needs a hug :'(

#25 - Posted by: Ragnor25 (Member) on 07-01-2008 at 23:41

I vote none of the above.

#26 - Posted by: sithlordjesus (Member) on 07-03-2008 at 17:51

SION. think about it. malak blew up taris and killed millions of people just to kill one. he gets no hug! bandon is not even a sith lord, and basically what #6 said about bandon nihilus needs a speak & spell and directions to an all-you-can-eat buffet kreia AKA traya deserves a lightsaber in the face and needs to be buried in a pool full of diarrhea sion deserves a hug. he got cut up, every moment he lives is pain. seriously. he lost an eye, he's all moldy and made fun of by atton, someone stole his shirt. poor guy *sniff* he's just such a trooper!

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