My Long Absence

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If you were wondering why you haven’t seen me around the site for the last couple of weeks, my wife and I were moving about 1500 miles (about 2400 KM’s) to live closer to my family. The reason or the move is that times are getting tough (just look at how the economy is doing) and it would be better for us to be closer to family so if we need to rely on each other for anything, we’re there for each other. Then there has been the drastic decrease in the price of oil which made it the perfect time to take advantage of to cut the price of traveling.

It was a long process and the biggest reason for my absence is the delay in getting my internet connection ready to go. That itself would be too long of a story to go into, but to sum it up, the company I was going to go through like I did where I lived before really is screwed up that I cancelled their service and got another one. I just won’t put up the type incompetence they put me through, so they lost a customer from it. I just got my internet connection installed tonight no less than an hour ago. I did leave a hint in the poll section with the choice of a Thanksgiving meal that I was moving and that it was going to be an extended poll. I will be changing it this coming weekend.

The reason for this announcement is to let you know that I’m not leaving you so nobody needs to panic. Another reason I didn’t say much before the move was that I didn’t want to encourage anyone; basically give anybody the idea that they can do whatever they wanted because nobody is going to stop them. I do know of some of the drama that has happened in my absence, but there are still some things that I need to catch up with to be up to date. I did ask some of the network admins to step in and help out with moderating this place while I was out and it looks like they a good job. Thanks again to the admins for their help. :thumbsup:

I know some of you have tried to get a hold of me and haven’t gotten a response either via email, PM’s at LucasForums or YouTube. Like I said earlier; I’m really out of the loop as to what has been going on the last couple of weeks, so I have a lot of catching up to do and some files to review later on. I know that Jonathan7 has been working like a horse and I would like to thank him for all the work he did in my absence. Thanks again Jonathan. :thumbsup:

I’ll later be writing up a news announcement about sending in some Holiday type PotD’s for the holiday season coming up. It will be similar to last year. The details of what I’m expecting will be in that announcement. So expect that soon. ;)


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