Permission Issues [I Would Read This if I Were You]

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Too many people lately are getting their mod submissions deleted because they use work from another author. Now, this isn’t a plagiarism issue in these cases as they’re crediting the authors where credit is due. The problem is some people say something like this in their readmes, “Credit to [insert author’s name here].†This does not tell me or other fellow staff member if you were given permission to use it. In that case doubt is put in my mind and when that happens, I reject the mod. You need to state specifically in your readme that you have contacted the original author and they said it was okay. This is not negotiable.

Some authors do not care and will say it in their readme files. If that is the case, put it in your readme file that the original author did claim that. If not, then assume you need permission and ask for it. If you don’t get it and I mean situations where you don’t hear back from the author, do not upload the mod. If the author is MIA, well that’s tough luck. Mods that don’t comply with what I’m telling you will be deleted. If you continue to do so, I will warn you and then the next time after the warning, you will receive a ban. Many people have paid the price for not listening when I have given personal warnings out regarding this issue.

Just remember that you’re held to these terms whether or not you choose to read this. Now with that said; happy modding! :D


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