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Well, as much as I regret to inform you all that my personal life is still hectic after my move of about 2400 KM’s last November, and with my other staff members availability being hectic because of their personal lives, I need to bring another person in and I finally got around to it by selecting Marius Fett. Marius is someone who used to grace us by the name of DarthDingDong. He started off as a very simple modder. As he’s gotten older and more mature, he has continued to be a large part of the community. I’ve taken notice in all the help he has been to others and continues to learn more about the modding part and has even developed skills I’ve never been able to learn. He’s also big in making tutorials and Marius wants to add modding video tutorials to the site for people to download and view. We’ve been discussing how we’re going to approach this recently. Once we have a chance to talk about this on MSN, we’ll be getting around to adding them to our site. You may have noticed that I’ve haven’t been keeping up with the weekly polls as much as I have liked to. I’ve been trying to for the most part for nearly three years to come up with totally original ideas for polls. Marius is going to help me with that and has created our last poll. So expect the polls to be updated more now that I have some extra help with this for the first time since SithRevan was on staff. With the positive things Marius can bring to us, it’s almost hard to imagine him not being on staff for this site right now. I feel better knowing we have an extra person to help out around here when things have been hectic with my personal life. Welcome Marius! :D -Shem
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