Shem Gone For About 2 Weeks

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He'll be away for 12 days if you want a specific number.

Anyways, this will be rather like last year. Shem's going to be off on vacation for said length of time. During the interim I'll be in charge of the site, but apart from seeing more reviews by me there won't really be a difference. There's enough scheduled PotDs in the que that they'll last until July 10th, and Shem's also going to pop on here at some point to post next week's poll.

Apart from that, I'll be filling in for Shem on moderating all the comments. For obvious reasons he won't be able to spare the time to deal with that.

Feel free to PM me at LucasForums or use the site's e-mail form if you have any questions or concerns. Not that there's anything to question or be concerned about, but whatever.

-Emperor Devon

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