The Wait Is Over: KotOR MMO Made Official

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It's official everyone; the project which has been kept quiet for so long and has been worked on by LucasArts and BioWare will be set in the Old Republic and is the online KotOR. Although confirmed at E3 2008 by Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitello, it's now officially official that the MMO is both Star Wars-based and set in the Old Republic, the third game by LucasArts and the second by BioWare to be set in this era, this is the MMO that has been so heavily discussed since the initial announcement and rumours in October of last year.

It has been described as a story-based MMO and the period as "dynamic" and "full of Jedi and Sith".

However, there has as of yet been no comment on whether or not it constitute KotOR 3; more information will be no doubt revealed in the days to come.

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