Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Sith Robe/Armor Mod Boinga1 280KB 5,872
Mabari Armorweave Inyri Forge 808KB 1,506
Sith Armour (For KOTOR) Archer 644KB 1,082
Real Mandalorian Armor A_Hallucination 235KB 2,770
Khoonda Militia Armour Silveredge9 212KB 530
Mandalorian Assorted Armour Puck Udroc 1.31MB 2,528
Ubese Assassin's Armor SithRevan 1.47MB 3,382
Khoonda Militia Armor Goldberry2000 3KB 460
Party Mandalorianz Mandalorian16965 12KB 105
Party Mandalorianz Mandalorian16965 16KB 700
HK Armor Darth Corr 128KB 391
G0-T0 Darth Corr 4KB 252
Sith Armor Mandalorian16965 2KB 883
Jedi Master Armor Mandalorian16965 5KB 2,401
Nihilus Mandalorian16965 2KB 5,949
HK-51 Armor Mandalorian16965 2KB 822
K2 Armor Fix Plus 90SK (CaptainSkye) 30.83MB 1,649
Darth Bandon and Sith Master Robe Archer 604KB 5,607
90SK's Jal Shey Armor Tweak 90SK (CaptainSkye) 1.48MB 750
Mandalorian Items for The Sith Lords FercKast 340KB 1,051
The Mandalorian Knights The Source 12.58MB 2,896
K2 Armor Fix Metastasis 90SK (CaptainSkye) 34.48MB 2,122
Sith Lord Armor Shem 3.13MB 6,569
Space Suits 90SK (CaptainSkye) 2.88MB 792
Terran Warriors Robe Thonli 2KB 182
HK-50 Armour Plating Robespierre 6KB 244
Wearable Republic Uniforms FercKast 2.34MB 483
Republic Uniforms for K2 JCarter426 9.64MB 313
Sith Brawler Armor DarthRemix 3.24MB 278
Sith Soldier Armor Mod Huie13 5KB 540
Mandalorian Special Forces Armor and Khoonda Militia Armor jonathan7 946KB 304
Iridorian Armor Mandalor_the_Artistic 1KB 80
Combat Suit Replacement Canderis 1.08MB 150