Star Wars KotOR II: The Sith Lords

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Playable Luxa Krimsyn Kane 2.16MB 2218
Green Twilek - Playable PC Female Joris 3.45MB 3829
JediKilla's Head Mod Guest 3.6MB 5261
Chewbacca Miazi 472KB 1555
Playable Female Blue Twi’lek PC Riddim 3.11MB 3335
New Player Character – DMHC02 Darth Moeller 1.1MB 1686
Female Twi'lek Exile Appearance Stoffe (RevanAnt) 2.52MB 2373
Playable Luxa Krimsyn Kane 289KB 254
The Crow Krimsyn Kane 3.49MB 2615
Playable Atris Krimsyn Kane 1.71MB 1579
Playable Yuthura Ban Inyri Forge 890KB 2066
Red Male Twi'lek PC Head Mandalorian16965 1.59MB 1325
Female Twi'lek Exile Appearance Stoffe (RevanAnt) 1.47MB 7823
Athena Too (Selectable Female PC) Kristy Kistic 4.41MB 7131
Yuthura Ban TomBewley 3.31MB 356
The Nagai MetalSabre 6.63MB 2896
Yuthura Ban TomBewley 2.48MB 1601
Black Raven MetalSabre 680KB 355
Black Raven Remake MetalSabre 713KB 1456
PMHC01a Rehash raethaccian 784KB 491
Altered Azkul For PC Dragoon ZER0 1003KB 1114
Carth PC Head Miles Edgeworth (Indiana_Revan77) 447KB 2133
Bastila PC Head Miles Edgeworth (Indiana_Revan77) 1.84MB 4846
Twilek PC Head Miles Edgeworth (Indiana_Revan77) 2.91MB 695
Exile Expansion Laam'inui (Squishy Tomato) 8.29MB 310
Exile Expansion Laam'inui (Squishy Tomato) 8.36MB 3550
Dustil Selectable PC Princess Artemis 1.82MB 425
Kaevee Eefluxx 734KB 355
Playable Taepalae Shem 493KB 1219
Nightingale Reborn MetalSabre 683KB 404
Kaevee Eefluxx 2.36MB 961
New Kotor 2 PC Head Winzum93 (Darthvadersligh) 2.06MB 676
Uthar Head Replacement Anonymous08 378KB 591
New Male Caucasian Bearded PC Head SHB 925KB 1087
Playable Dopak Shem 677KB 1291
Bastila the Exile JCarter426 2.16MB 2491
Bastila Shan Mature Look messkell 1.13MB 1387
Berun Modrul Mullet Head messkell 566KB 692
Blue Twi'lek as PC FercKast 1.84MB 601
Twi'leks as PC FercKast 1.5MB 425
Darth Bandon as PC for TSL Darth_Riddick 572KB 931
Uthar's Head (Tattooless to Tattoos) Anonymous08 384KB 569
Female Twilek Head BIOShazard and Ferc Kast 1.03MB 659
Playable Male Twilek Mod BIOShazard 697KB 242
Mace Windu Head tomo313 142KB 380
Anakin-Like Head for TSL ellimar 815KB 704
TSL Bandon As PC Darth_Riddick 1.1MB 411
The Paper's Jedi Master 4H ThePaper 3.02MB 348
Starkiller as PC FercKast 649KB 854
Red Twilek Head Mod TSL ZimmMaster 730KB 143
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