Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
SS Prestige Padawans SuperSquall 1.03MB 6,561
Party Xpanded PisOgPapir 268KB 3,659
Bao-Dur as a Sith Soldier James108 44KB 1,702
Real Names Mod Shem 4KB 3,335
Real Names Mod Add On Shem 4KB 2,173
Remote Unlimited SithRevan 304KB 1,162
Remote-to-Rancor Mod Puck Udroc 500KB 802
Sith Assassin Droid Puck Udroc 2KB 643
Bao-Dur's Remote's Change Mandalorian16965 4KB 1,046
G0-T0 Jedi Mandalorian16965 3KB 1,526
HK Remote Lit Ridl 448KB 918
Kreia to Darth Traya -AnakinSkywalker- 627KB 2,092
Turn Kreia into Atris Hero_of_the_Jedi 2KB 1,295
Kreia's Mechanical Hand Master Zionosis 40KB 4,867
T3-M4 as a Rakatan Droid SykoRevan 3KB 791
Love Between Brianna and the Exile DarthShgaad 15KB 8,037
TX-79 ArcaneLoss 2KB 716
Bao-Dur to Sith Lord - Remote to Sith Marauder Disciple of the Sith 7KB 1,274
Recruitable Trask Ulgo Crunchyboy 83KB 795
Mission and Zaalbar For K2 Crunchyboy and Mindtwistah 927KB 1,331
Kreia's Hood Down Shem 259KB 3,107
Mandalore With Wearable Armor Miles Edgeworth (Indiana_Revan77) 1.24MB 1,021
Mass Party Conversion ChaseHamill 7KB 783
Make Visas Marr Dance for Vogga Kristy Kistic 511KB 1,639
TSL Rearanged Party Members RakataDark (DarthTemplar) 11KB 143
Remote Tells Influence tk102 10KB 3,597
Atton as a Devaronian Rictus135 1.51MB 379
Mandalore as Canderous Angelus6 22KB 497
Handmaiden Hood Off rancorman 214KB 156
Bao-Dur Wears Jedi Robes Shem 581KB 3,025
Mical Lord Spartan 518KB 299
Darth Hanharr DarthKoon 2KB 372
G0-T0 to Person Mod DarthErebus 21KB 157
Mandalore to Boba Fett Colours tomo313 624KB 311
New Players Party gaara7 77KB 364
Unit Alpha vegati 14.15MB 145
Mandalore's Helmet ZimmMaster 13KB 250