203 (Telos) Robbed Civillian

This little mod adds a twist to a fairly un-amazing character. Remember the civilian in the apartments at Telos whose apartment you can walk...


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This little mod adds a twist to a fairly un-amazing character. Remember the civilian in the apartments at Telos whose apartment you can walk into, take stuff from, and later kill in an argument over it? This tweak makes him a bit tougher by making him a level 3 Jedi Sentinel and giving him a lightsaber. He'll also have some extra loot once kiled.

Story-wise this raises some questions, but if you're downloading it for the gameplay alone it should be fun. Enjoy!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

-Emperor Devon

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203 (Telos) Robbed Civillian

Author: 	Deadly Stream
Email: 	matt[at]lewisconcreteproducts[dot]co[dot]uk
MSN: 	mattie_lewis[at]msn[dot]com

Name: 	203civillian.zip
Size: 	184 kb
Date: 	Monday, 20 August 2007


	After you've arrived at Telos and gone through the Ithorian and Czerka calls, Lt Grenn comes and let's you go (sort of) when you go across the main area you come to Apartment A complex.
You meet Harra in room A1 and then in room A2 you can get some items from a footlocker, when you try to leave the room a man comes in and challenges you. You're given the lightside option of leaving or
the dark side option of killing the sod.

If you choose to leave without fighting you can talk to the man again and all you get is 'You again? Did you not learn your lesson the first time? Get out of here' and then the conversation ends. 
The reason I made this little mod is because I pressed the wrong button and ended up leaving instead of killing him and resulting in having to go back to my autosave when I first arrived at Telos 
and go through it all again so I changed the dialog file to give the option to fight him when you talk to him again (just in case you have the unfortunate problem of being an idiot like me and pressed 
the wrong button or, more likely, you've changed your mind and decided to embrace the dark side).

To make the mod more worth while, I changed the man into a Level 3 Jedi Sentinel, he'll attack you with a lightsaber but he still isn't too hard to beat, depending on your attributes and powers, but he will leave
you some gear;

	1: Green Lightsaber
	2: Squad Recovery Stim
	3: Pazaak Side Deck (for the love of god don't ask)
	4: Life Support Pack 
	5: Credits

Obviously this will help you with the two thugs outside the cantina, though I don't know why you'd go for them if you're going dark side, or to kill the little geezer they're going for - I forget his name now.


	Copy the 'override' folder into your main KOTOR2 directory. To uninstall delete the files '203_civrobbed.utc' & 'civillian.dlg' from your override folder.

General Notes:
	Always backup your override & saves folders on a regular basis incase you install a mod that screws up your game - although this one shouldn't as the guy is a one off character. Please feel free to email
or message me with any questions/comments about this mod. Hopefully this will be the first of many mods that I'll be releasing, I have a few ideas floating around in the void that is my mind but making them
is a different matter. If you have any ideas for a mod and want to help with it, again feel free to contact me.

--Deadly Stream

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