A New T3-M4



Mod Rating: Beginner

M0t0rhead returns with a reskin for one of the three droid party members (or does the remote count?...whatever) in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, T3-M4. However, this mod should work for KotOR I as well--I say should because I didn't exactly check, as I suffer from a severe case of laziness, but if I recall correctly, the KotOR I textures for T3 use the same file names as their KotOR II versions, so in theory it should work for both.

In any case, the reskin is a fairly simple one, changing T3's grey color scheme to a red and orange one, similar to that of the murderous T1-N1. A new portrait is included as well.

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.




This is a new skin 4 t3-m4 than makes him look like a new, orange-n-red droid. it has my personal logo,find it if u can ;) 
how to Install:
Unpack files in override directory (if you don't have make one)

remove files

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