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Advanced Jedi and Sith Items

advanced_jedisith_items.zip —


This is a nice little mod that adds various new items to Kotor 2. Such items include include new saber crystals, gloves, energy shields, armbands, utility belts, implants, helmets and of course some robes. These items are for both sides of the force, Jedi and Sith. I personally like the male white robes, but hey... I like them all :P Keep up the great work!

- JediKilla



Mod Title: Advanced Jedi and Sith Items (KOTOR II)

Mod Author
Name: Captain_H
E-mail: captain_h6440 AT yahoo DOT com

Mod Description:
This mod adds several items that can be used by either people of Dark Side 
Alignment or Light Side Alignment.  Certain items can only be used by Dark 
Side while the rest can only be used by Light Side.  Also included are 
several special lightsaber crystals.

Note:  The descriptions may say that the non-robe/crystal items work better with 
the light or dark side robes, but you can use them any way or combination you 

Note2:  If you have a mod that already contains the files upcrystals.2da 
upgrade.2da installed this mod will not work, unless you have some modding experience with KOTOR II

Installation Instructions:
To install just extract all of the files in this zip except for this readme 
into the override folder.  When ingame use the "giveitem" cheat to bring the 
items in game.  You can also add them to your saved games using the Saved 
Game Editor.  I have also included a .kmm file for use with the KOTOR Mod 

Uninstallation Instructions:
To uninstall any one or all of thees items, just delete the mod files from 
the override folder.  If you have used the KOTOR Mod Manager be sure to 
deactivate the mod.

Item names for use with the "give item" cheat:
Master Jedi Knight Robe - a_srobe
White Master Jedi Knight Robe - a_swhiterobe
Master Sith Robe - a_sdarkrobe

Advanded Jedi Utility Belt - a_sbelt
Advanced Sith Utility Belt - a_darkbelt

Advanced Jedi Armband - a_sband
Advanced Sith Armband - a_darkband

Advanced Jedi Energy Shield - a_sshield
Advanced Sith Energy Shield - a_darkshield

Advanced Jedi Gloves - a_sgloves
Advanced Sith Gloves - a_darkgloves

Advanced Jedi Helmet - a_shelmet
Advanced Sith Helmet - a_darkhelmet

Advanced Jedi Implant - e_simplant
Advanced Sith Implant - e_darkimplant

Jedi Silver Color Crystal - u_l_sccrystal
Sith Red Color Crystal - u_l_darkccrystal
Crystal, Light Side Power Type I - u_l_spcrystal1
Crystal, Light Side Power Type II - u_l_spcrystal2
Crystal, Dark Side Power Type I - u_l_darkpcrys1
Crystal, Dark Side Power Type II - u_l_darkpcrys2

Known Issues:
None known, but if you encounter issues, please report them to the email 
address listed above.  I will do what I can to correct them, but since this
is my first mod don't expect much very quick.

I like to acknowledge Fred Tetra for creating the kotor editing tool.  
Without it I would not be able to complete this mod.

I also like to thank Tk102 for creating his K-GFF GFF Editor.  It has helped 
me to make the necessary changes to make the mod files complete.

Legal Stuff and Conditions of use:
This mod is not supported in any way by Lucasarts or Bioware.

You also may alter any of these files if you feel you need to, just let me 
know before or after the fact.

If you find that you may want to use any of these files for your own public
mod you may do so.  I would just like to know, so that I can see what they
are used for.

Thank you for downloading this mod and enjoy!!    :)


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