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I've always liked the Azkul head, but it felt a bit underused. It seemed to me like the sort of head that would belong on some kind of Sith...


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I've always liked the Azkul head, but it felt a bit underused. It seemed to me like the sort of head that would belong on some kind of Sith, if not a Dark Jedi.

This mod can do that depending on your alignment, as it makes the head now available for you to choose at the start-up screen. It's not entirely the same as in the game, as DS transitions have been added. (Though it looks pretty dark-sided already if you ask me!) For the first one the normal-looking eye is made greenish-browner, and the milky-white eye is made less dead-looking with a gray iris. I thought it was better left milky white (more creepy that way), but some people might like it more. For the final transition the colored eye has been turned into a RotS-style one. That could do with a little more red added to it.

Stil, it's nice to have such an evil-looking head available. Since this mod also uses the TSLPatcher, you'll have no compatibility worries. Enjoy!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

-Emperor Devon

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Download 'tslazkulpc.rar' (1003KB)

Name: Altered Azkul for PC
Game: TSL
By: Dragoon ZER0 (
Version: 1.0 - 8/12/07
Archive: TSLAzkulPC.rar 1,268,880 bytes

Fred Tetra - for the amazing KotOR Tool
stoffe - for TSLPatcher (and everything else)
ChAiNz.2da - for the Hak Pad (and everything else)
Everyone at Holowan Labs - for everything I know about K1 & TSL

Adds another head for male PCs (Azkul's) along with two new textures 
(1 normal and 1 dark side transition) and accompanying portraits.

I wanted his 'damaged' eye to look like a prosthetic replacement so I 
whitened it up a bit, gave it a 'fake' iris and pupil, and used the 
alpha channel along with the CM_SpecMap property to make it 'shine'. I
also changed the color of his good eye to improve the contrast between
the two.

I'll agree that this isn't exactly A+ material, but I thought it 
was kind of cool and decided to share it. 

Extract the contents of the archive into a new folder and run
TSLPatcher.exe. Do not try to add the contents directly to the 
override folder as this will not work.

Usage and redistribution:
You can modify these files for your own personal use in any way
you wish. It's not like I'd be able to stop you anyway ;-)

If you want to edit or build off these textures and release them or 
if you want to add them to your own project, I only ask for credit.

I also don't care where this is uploaded as long as the archive 
remains complete and unedited.

I am not affiliated with LucasArts/Bioware/Obsidian in any way. 
You, yourself, are responsible for anything that happens to you 
or your PC as a result of using this modification.

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