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If you’re into seeing a makeover of skin changes to your party members, this will be one of those mods plus a few extra changes to go along...


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If you’re into seeing a makeover of skin changes to your party members, this will be one of those mods plus a few extra changes to go along with it in the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Ten of your possible party members will have changes done to them. Only Atton and Hanharr are you two possible party members who won’t be changed.

Angelus6 is making his FileFront debut with this skin pack. The big oversized tank droid you confront on Telos before taking off for the Polar Academy is only non-party member that has had any changes done in this release. It’s hard to see in the miniature shots in one of the screenshots that much has been done and what the author did is change it so it has some greens put on it.

The thing about the Kreia skins is it looks like the author darkened the robe for time you travel which will probably bring out the green tint in the model that for some reason Obsidian put in there. The Traya conversion has some red markings put on it that you may not notice again in the screenshot because Evil Kreia textures can be overshadowed again by the green tint put into the model file which shows up really well in places outside of the Trayus Core as evident in the screenshot.

Pretty much the rest will explain itself in the screenshots of what is changed because the changes are more evident in the screenshots. If you really need something new for most of your party members, then this mod maybe screaming for you to download. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Angelus6 Retex Pack 1

-Construction Time- 8 hours give or take Coffee breaks
-Tools Used- KOTOR Tool, Photoshop CS2, PSP7 and KotOR FindRefs Util.

----About the Pack----

This is a retexture pack for StarWars KOTOR 2.

*Contents as Follows

- New Mira Lightside Texture
- New Bao-Dur Light,Dark and Neutral Textures, also an alterd Arm texture. adds detail to his face and arms.
- New Darkside (evil) Handmaiden texture and Party Portraits for her Neutral and Darkside states.
- New Darkside Kreia texture. bloodstained robe texture. Also, Darkned Krea's normal robes to be a bit more Brown.
- New Eviro/SpaceSuite Texture. - sorry if you thought it was fine, to me, it wasnt.
- New Mandalore Texture. adds some detail to his armour and some battle Markings
- New Viasas Textures. Light, Neutral and Darkside textures all with matching Party Portraits.
- New HK-47 texture. to add a more "I've been rotting in a junkyard for 5 years" feel to him. Adds detail etc.
- New T3 texture. Makes him a little more Red like the old Droids.
- and Finally. Retextured the Tank Droid boss from Telos Military Base fight. Just looked to Bland imo

everything is in the Screenies packaged. and the names are pretty staright forward on all Files. 
so if you dont like a texture, just dont copy it.


Couldnt be more easy.
Open your KOTOR2 directory (C:Program FilesLucasArtsKOTOR2) or whatever you've got it set too. 
If you Dont already have a Folder named "Override" here, then make a new one.

inside the folder Override (C:Program FilesLucasArtsKOTOR2Override   or equivalent) just all the files from
the .rar file right into there. simple as.

to Uninstall this pack, simply remove the Files copied into that directory.

----File List ----

Readme - Angelus6 Retexpack 1.txt

Me (angelus6), and of course Bioware/Obsidion/Lucasarts
Destribute this pack however you like. 
Just give me the credit for it if you do and please include the original Readme to avoid confusion.

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