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Angelus6 brings us a second instalment of his skin packs - this time for monsters, non-playable characters, and a few party members, too. Th...


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Angelus6 brings us a second instalment of his skin packs - this time for monsters, non-playable characters, and a few party members, too. The changes are pretty self-evident in the screenshots, and seem for the most part fairly well executed, and show greater skill than in the previous part, which is a good sign. :) If I had to make some suggestions, I'd recommend doing a little more experimentation with the different texture-mapping tools, such as bump-map editors. Greater variance on the original textures, and beginning to add new patterning to them might also be a way to develop this mod. :)

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious

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Download 'angelus6_texpack_2_common_creatures_npcs.rar' (18.37MB)

Angelus6 Texture Pack 2 -- Common NPC's, Common Creatures and Harbinger
Version 1.0
Pack - 2
Credits - Me (angelus6), and Ofc the original Textuers @ Lucas Arts
Construction Time - 2 days

----Pack Contents----

**Party Charecters **
-Bao'dur's Glowing Arm. Color changed to Blood Red. to more match his Darkside and Military looks
-Bao'Dur's Remote, changed to black, white and green coloring
-Disciple Base clothing changed to be red and grey
- Disciple face and hair are now darker and more vivid to match Texture Pack 1 with the other Party Changes. added in alterd Party Portraits for him also. they display his darkside Venis better and have the red base clothes on him.

-Maan beast is now darker and sharper to show off the coloring better on his spots
-Shyrak textures changed. more detail added on wings
- All Kinrath textures have undegone upgrades. shaprer and more detailed along with some color changes to help them blend better
-Kath Hound normal and Pack Leader textures alterd. more detail and better coloring added to all 8 of the textures
-Hssis now dont look totally silly. brown instead of vomit green and improved markings & eyes

-Yellow red and blue Mandalorians armor set changed. more vivid coloring and battlework edges
-Toydarian Dockmaster from NarrShadaa texture changed to be darker and sharper. also, color is now more blue than yellow
-HK-50 and HK-51 assasin bots textures revamped. battle markings and bloodstains added, colors now match more appropriatly
-Twin Suns (Twilek Assasin girls) revamped. sharper textures and better coloring for them both. more detail added to clothing sets for these two
-Gammorean Guards and Bosses have new sharper and recolored textures. also, the weapon textures are updated to be a larger size and sharper so they dont appear so low quality

-Harbinger vessel (Sions Repuplic ship on Peragus) has been updated. Exterior texture now is a MUCH larger size (was 1024x1024. now 2100x2100) and much sharper so the ship doesnt look half as aweful in the Cutscene. also added some battle damage to the front and sides of it

all of this is in the Screenies anyway. so if you dont like somthing, just don't copy the file over


Extract the files somewhere. whack the lot into **Kotor2/Override folder. 
Not the .rar File the actual File
Yes everything works, if it doesnt, you havent copied the files properly or extracted the .rar


no idea why you'd want to do this, but if you ever should want to. There's too many files alterd to list, but best bet is to redownload this mod, look at all the file names inside the .rar file and Delete those corespoding files from you **KOTOR2/Override folder. if you "really" have trouble with this, Email me and i'll write out a list of files names for you.

----How it Works----

No need to start a new Game (although, this would be best to see the new Harbinger). everythings works from whever you are. just some textures are story items such as the Toydarian Dockmaster on Narr Shadaa. if you havent seen it and want to badly, use the hackpad and view him there also, Teleport to Peragus (asteroid Exterior) for the harbinger viewing.

alter these files however you see fit. distribute them to other sites/mods is fine, just give me some credit and send me a PM or Email in advance

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